Monday, August 23, 2010

A Well Constructed Evening.

I try not to plan, well anything, and certainly not fun, kid free evenings for anniversary celebrations.

So I was a bit surprised that by 10am Saturday, Owen is on his way to his cousins' house,  for the whole night, and Bea on her way to her Grandma's house,  for the whole night.

Al has the task of delivering the children while I stay at home reading a book and taking a leisurely shower in which quality time with razor is spent.

I'd not eaten much throughout the day in anticipation of much celebratory gluttony, which starts with dinner at 5pm at nice Italian place.  Chicken wrapped in prosciutto wrapped in mozzarella  *flashback drool*.

Glasses raise to 13 years together, 8 as married people.  Stroll down 13 years of lanes, wonder how we manage to put up with each other, wonder how the kids are faring on their first night away from home.

That's right.  This was our first night in FIVE years with no kids.  *clink*

Next venue is waterfront restaurant for dessert and more drinks.

A pair of sisters joins us on the Adirondack chairs. Chatty sisters.  The oldest and youngest of 9 children, ages 52 and 70.  52 treats us to her long sad story of failed marriage, childlessness, joblessness, medical troubles and general misery.  70 studies sea gulls and rolls eyes.

Saved by a text message from friend; would we like to meet up at bar around the corner?

Hell yes!

Dive bar.  With cousin of former best friend sitting at bar when we walk in.  Little reminiscing;  I'd gotten my first tattoo at her house 18 years ago.  She doesn't see her cousin at all.  Clink to a kid free evening.

Friends arrive. Newlyweds. She is Bohemian Barbie and he is Will Farrel.  Seriously. The resemblance is uncanny.  He gets mistaken for him. And he is every bit as silly as the real thing.

Easy conversation as bar fills up and glasses are drained and replenished.  Barbie gets text; her friend Sarah is on her way. Barbie assures me I'll love her. Whatever. 

Sarah appears.  Our jaws drop.  Pointing at each other.  We went to elementary school together.  Little reminiscing.  Sarah disappears. 

Conversation gets louder as bar is now at capacity and music has started.  I drunkenly revert to signing;  great tool for the bar scene.

Actually get dragged into dancing by Barbie who has reached 'I love you!' level of wasted.  I'm equally wasted.

Watch some girls making out.  Am not drunk enough to make out with Barbie, though our husbands are watching with hopeful expressions.

Time to leave.  Hugging and promising to do it again real soon.

Very much wanting to do it again.

Even though I passed out as soon as we got home. Which may seem like a waste of a kid free house.


They were still gone when we woke up.


*Actual anniversary is the 28th. As promised, blow job story will appear on that day.


  1. I haven't been kid free since Isabella was born, but good things come to those who wait. I don't mind the wait. Glad you had a good time.

  2. It must have been a universal date night. We left the boys with a sitter for the first time. And we came home and no one was tied to a chair, and there were no charred bits anywhere!

    Glad to hear that you got to enjoy your first night (gasp) childless! Congrats on many years (and many more to come).

  3. Morning sex is so nice. Well sex anytime is nice!

  4. Can you be the cruise director of my next evening out w/out the kid? B/c I think you'd make a hot Julie!...and no, I did not just make a reference to Love Boat. I don't know what you're talking about.

  5. 5 years??? Yikes. I need kid free time several times a year. Husband free time is good too.

    Congrats on the 8 years (and 13 too!). My anniversary is 8/30 -- it'll be 7 for us.

    Depending on how good your blow job story is maybe I'll share mine too :P

  6. Glad you had fun kid free night.

    Five years- whoa baby.

    I love morning alone time.

    We reached the level of 'go put a video on' on weekend mornings last year- Now if only I could teach the monkeys to make coffee- then life would be perfect.

  7. Kid free time is my favorite. You really need to get more of it. Maybe you should schedule sleepovers for Bea and Owen at regular intervals. Especially before Mema goes to Florida.

  8. kid free time rocks! we had us some last weekend and we had the same fate as you as we were so tired when we got home it was off to sleep, but we made up for it int he morning;)

    happy anniversary a bit early can't wait for the story

  9. Since my anniversary is tomorrow and we don't have any plans to celebrate, I am going to pretend this is how we celebrates too and then recreate it at a later time.

  10. "i love you" level of drunk, man that's the BEST!

    morning sex is way better anyway.

  11. Congrats on the anniversary and the kid-free celebration, both pre- and post- drunken singing. I'm pretty sure that's the only time an elementary school reunion wouldn't be awkward.

    I haven't been out, just me and the husband, in ages, I'm fairly certain I've completely forgotten how to have fun.

  12. I'm still stunned by the enormity of the idea - a night when the children don't come back.

    You are indeed impressive, blow job story or not.

  13. So much to be happy about here.

    1. You posted. Yay.

    2. Kid free... in 5 years. WONDERFUL.

    3. Your kids did OK away, Awesome.

    4. Was that not the absolute sweetest closing line ever? Adorable.

    5. I'll be back on the 28th for the BJ story. Got it on the calendar.

    Love ya, girl.

  14. Couldn't be happier for you. Those kid free nights that come up semi unplanned are the best.

    I love the signing in the bar.

  15. Kid-free, drinking, and big-time social! I love it!


  16. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm going to go ahead and admit this, we've never left the kids overnight. Oldest is 7.


    Pretty sure in laws would feed them peanut butter and meat. Pretty sure my parents would run away into the night with them.

    What's a couple to do?

    Glad you've got reliable people in your world though :-)

    Marking calendar as well - BJ stories are the best.

  17. I think mine slept out starting around his first birthday. He doesn't any more since it messes with his sleep. Too bad. I really liked sleeping through the night. I don't think I could do five years--I'd be in the ground by now.

  18. Happy Anniversary! Ours was the 20th. 16 years. Crazy.

    The bar scene sounds like a load of fun. Good clean fun. Sort of.

    Yeah. Unload the kids more.

  19. A night out with my wife, sans kids? Is such a thing possible?

  20. glad you broke free and lived it up for the anniversary! it sounds like the perfect night to me!!! DO IT AGAIN SOON!!!! hell, i wish i could join you!

  21. .."our husbands are watching with hopeful expressions." ROFLMAO

    sounds like a good time. we never make plans either and when a kid free night comes along it is a miracle.

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