Do you have a day?

Did it punctuate your life, yourself?

Before this day, you were just you. This thing that this day was about to bring you, only happened to other people.

Until it happened to you. Suddenly you weren't you anymore. You were that person that the unimaginable thing happened to.

Did you rage against it? Being an other?

Did you throw your body down and scream at it to not be? Was there gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair, kicking at air?

Did you beg and plead and pray to The Universe to make it not be? Were you certain that if you demanded that it not be, if you begged, plead, prayed hard enough, The Universe would hear you and change your life back to what it was?

Did you admit defeat, shed the delusion of control and leave yourself at the mercy of The Universe?

Did you crumble under the weight of it? Allow it to peel away layers and leave you naked?

Did you let all your expectations; all that you were sure your life would give you: places, people, experiences you knew you were bound for; did you let them fall away?

Did you feel the lightness of it?

And once you let it all fall away, did you flick that last bit of rubble off your shoulder, plant your hand on your hip and wonder who you were going to be on the other side of this?

Did you tell The Universe it could go ahead and have its way with you?

It was going to anyway.

Did you make a conscious decision to trust The Universe to make it all ok?

Even if it wasn't going to be ok?

Do you want to go back in time and whisper to your former self;

"Don't worry. It's going to be ok. It's going to suck. You'll be smashed to smithereens. You'll be built back up again. You'll be more you than you'd ever imagined. It's going to be ok."?

Yeah, me too.


  1. I love your blog. I really truely LOVE your blog.

    Of all thing things you've written that have made me luagh and made me cry, THIS is my absolute favorite.

    Thank you.

  2. I like the way you think. Fantastic fucking post.

  3. Damn right! Awesome post. Thanks for being so honest. Kinda makes me feel like I'm not so odd after all....


  4. I am not sure how I got here but isn't that how alot of life happens.I have to say I love the blog,love the way you write.I causes many emotions my fav being laughter- right out loud sitting at my keyboard kind of laughter.Any way wanted you to know the enjoyment of just reading the way it is sometimes is refreshing,no glossing it over!Thanks

  5. I have to agree with lita1857.
    I stumbled onto this blog and I'm overwhelmed with the rush of emotions I feel as I flip through your posts. I'm happy, I'm sad, I can relate, I can't imagine....

    Keep writing... you're fabulous.

  6. This? Amazing. We have all had one of those days!

    I'm adding this to my favorites list on my Home Page. Everyone should read it.

  7. Oh my. Yes. I have. And so have so many others. Thank you for writing this. It's perfect.

  8. Wow! Please remind me to revisit this sometime as I am sure I will need this reminder again. I have had more than one day like that and fear there will be more. I am devouring your blog. Thank you!


  9. Owch, squared.
    Mama mia.
    I looooooooooooooove TWO things:
    your indelible, punkUation markz
    in your 8th wurd (at the top)...
    AND!!! I gotta lotta vivid nada
    in our novels which I wanna youse
    (skuze d'New Joisey aXent) to
    peruse (<- thats sorta like stroking
    your chin wondering if Im a freek):
    ♡ en.gravatar.com/MatteBlk ♡
    Love you.
    Cya soon.


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