Tulpen: That's me. The one writing the words. I've loved that name since high school when I read The 158 Pound Marriage by my favorite wordsmith.   Tulpen is German for Tulips.

Al: That's who I'm married to. He likes bad words too.  He loves the name Al.  Al is a regular guy. A stand up guy.

Owen: That's my first born.  I named him after my favorite character; A Prayer For Owen Meany should be every one's favorite book. Owen says words with his mouth and his hands. He's Deaf.

Bea: That's my baby girl. Old lady names are my favorite. Bea is not Deaf but she can make words with her hands too. She's three, so the words that come out of her mouth crack my shit up.

These are my favorite people on the planet.  I love them fiercely, even though they often make me say bad words.


  1. Hi

    Visiting thanks to Raina Cox's reccommendation. Think we must be kindred spirits. I write a blog featuring swear words, My husband's name is Al and my son Jack is also deaf.

    Off to read more!

    Love Mrs Woog - your newest follower.

  2. Just found your blog!Thank you for sharing your story.

    I taught both my kids sign language as infants (my neighbor is deaf and an ASL instructor) as infants and still us it with both of them all the time. I think it should be taught as part of the school curriculum.

  3. Stopping by at the recommendation of Kris from Pretty All True. :)

    I'm going to go poke around a bit. :)

  4. Hi Tulpen, aka Erin's sister, aka my distant cousin once removed or however the hell that goes....

    Love your stuff so far. So great. Oh yeah, and A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my all time favorites, too.

    Looking forward to reading more bad words.


    PS--let me know if you'd be interested in a giveaway of my book on your blog! I'd love to send you a copy to review.... Thanks!

  5. Damn glad I found your blog. My favorite book is Owen Meany, too. And I worked at a school for the deaf in Delaware. Cool beans.

  6. Who doesn't love A Prayer for Owen Meany? Glad I found someone who digs bad words as much as I do. My two year old said "fuck" for the first time yesterday. I was both horrified and pleased.

  7. Read a zillion blogs and finally came across yours and I like it so I'm staying.Oh and my kids make me say bad words too, just cos they think it's funny.

  8. I LOVE John Irving too. LOVE LOVE LOVE his writing! I also named my first born son after Owen Meany! Only I used Owen as his middle name, but still! lol. I am a mamma of 5, but my middle 3 are deaf. I know Ive stumbled upon your blog before, but somehow lost it, and now I've found you again, and I'm so glad! Bookmarking you now.

  9. A Prayer for Owen Meany is also my favorite book. ALL TIME FAVORITE, and Owen is on my list of preferred grandchildren names (as opposed to just the approved list), since I encountered Owen Meany after I had named my own children, dammit!

  10. I just discovered your blog and can't wait to read more. But first I have to go get a copy of Owen Meany; can't wait to read it (-:

  11. You are so freaking awesome I nominated you for an award (http://www.happyasjustamom.com/im-shinin/). I know you post rarely now, but I still love your posts when you do. Hope all is well!


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