Friday, March 4, 2011

Words That Made My Week.


I work with mostly a kick ass team of nurses and nurses' aides.

But there are a few, we'll call them young adults though the adult part is a stretch, who bug the shit out of me.  They're constantly texting, talking about their various baby daddies, and whining about every task I assign them.

If all of that isn't enough to make me want to secretly sterilize the lot of them, there is the fucking slang.  One word in particular sends old lady 'kids these days' shivers down my spine;


As in;

"Hey Tulpen, Sandy just legit threw up all over the place." 

Like, ya know, my generation, like, never said anything like that irritating.


Other people's kids don't thrill me a whole lot.  But friend Sally's three year old Lenny is the cutest little dude I've ever met.

I could tell you a hundred adorable and wrong things he's said about his Woody.  His doll from Toy Story.

And the other day?  His sister did something mean to him, made him cry. Sally told him to confront his sister about it.  He marched up to her, still crying;

"You scared my feelings!"


Sitting in the living room this past weekend, I heard an unfamiliar electronic buzz from the playroom.

Upon investigation, found Owen conversing with an interpreter on his new video phone.  She was telling him that he'd dialed the wrong number.  He was telling her about Spiderman.  And Iron Man.

He was wearing Bea's Snow White dress.


Bea has been getting better at giving interviews on camera. 

Here, she talks about what she would like next Christmas:


Two Deaths at work on Monday. Both after long happy lives. Both expected.

Addie gave me the honor of waiting until myself and other nurse Peg were at her side to take her final breaths.

Never do I feel of more use than when given the opportunity to stroke a person's head, and hold a person's hand, and tell them they are loved as they leave the world.

The next night, I had the pleasure of packing up Addie's things with the help of her longtime roommate, the delightfully schizophrenic Mandy.

We sorted through her clothes, picking out a few items that we were sure Addie would have wanted Mandy to have.

We took the time to look at each picture as we took it off the wall, trying to figure out which young boy was which, as we'd only seen them as grown men.

We laughed at Addie's hair and dresses in their full 70's glory.

We found tucked in the bottom of a drawer, Addie's high school year book; from 1934. And flipped through the pages until we found her. One of the prettier girls in the class she was.

Beside each photo, was a poem, written specifically for that student.

I of course grabbed a pen and wrote Addie's down;

She cooks, she sews, she washes -
A wonderful wife she'll make.
There'd be a rosy future,
If Eddie this hint would take.

Her life had indeed been rosy.

It hadn't been spent with Eddie.


And in that same yearbook, next to a picture of a name on what appeared to be a headstone, this poem;

Cal likes to "play around"
With bullets, guns, and knives;
And so it might be safer,
If cats do have 9 lives.

How creeptastic is that?


I think I've always been a sucker for an accent.

I remember as a kid, being thoroughly annoyed at the fact that a person could have a cool accent, but that accent disappeared when they sang.

So still, when I hear an accent come through  a singing voice, it makes me very happy.

Like this guy;

Gawd. That voice turns me inside out.

And? I've added this song to the list I'd like played at my funeral.


I mean legit?


  1. I'm still not sure I understand the definition of legit

  2. I'm in the same boat as Rebecca.


    Damn, I feel so old.

    I've never understood why people with an accent lost it when they sing.

  3. Yeah, the legit thing is confusing me a bit. lol. I guess I don't hear that being used yet in the Minneapolis area (or at least not up in the 'burbs!).

  4. Love your daughter's words

    and now listening to the music link

    Mumford and sons are spectacular!!

    love your blog

    that is all

  5. Ha! I've actually listening to Mumford and Sons and thinking of you. I think it's the Avett Brothers thing.

    Anyhow, I would like to request more Lenny. I'm going to pretend he's your third child.

  6. all i can think of for those young whippersnappers you work with is...too legit to quit.

    that video of bea---omg. eat her up w/ a spoon she's so damn cute.

    and the accent on that guy? i was thinking how hawt it was and then my mind started wandering and then i read the part about you wanting that song played at your funeral and i felt weird. can't get all worked up over a funeral song. sheesh.

  7. Love your post, great blog! And thank you for this wonderful music! Take care

  8. Legit is like totally stupid and if someone like says it they totally aren't legit.

  9. Love.

    Now try this.

  10. You're too legit to quit.

    Bea is adorable, loved that video.

    Gravestone poem is freaky. Do not like.

  11. I agree that there is something honorable about spending the last moments of someone's Life with them. That is an ultimate act of sharing.

    "You scared my feelings..."

    I SO love that!!!

    Rest well, Addie...


  12. Damn. No pic of the boy in Snow White dress. Classic.

  13. Now you got me thinking. What song would I like at my funeral?

    I think Florence and the Machine. Yes, I do.

  14. Yup, that voice is all kindsa hot. I've always been a sucker for an accent too.

    And the word legit? Ugh. I work with a lot of kids in their 20's who say it every other word.

    But as a child of the 80's would say, like, whatever.

  15. Ugh, kids and their slang. Makes me want to bitch slap them all.

    I'm loving that song. (oh, and how about the hotties in the video? If they come to play it at your funeral, I will be there.)

    I love reading old year books. And don't think too much about the headstone shot. I didn't realize that my yearbook dedication is totally creepy until my husband read it. A history teacher had died unexpectedly young the year I graduated, and the book was dedicated him in his own non-traditional fashion.

  16. Mumford and Sons, oh happy sighs. They are my daily commute companion.

    Oh yeah, I was so hoping for O as Snow. Damn.

  17. Addie's story made me cry. Damn it. She was lucky to have you in her final moments on Earth. I took care of my grandmother for days leading up to her death and held her hand as she passed. Nothing peaceful about it, but I wouldn't go back and NOT be there for her at that time.

    Mumford and Sons. *swoon*

    p.s. Your daughter is adorable.

  18. love Mumford and Sons.

    you got me thinking about what songs I would want played at my funeral....

    and I don't know. I can be very indecisive.

  19. Love the song, my daughter is Irish Dancing to it as I type, I'm not sure what that means exactly....and the word legit--what the hell is that?!?

  20. Words like "legit" make me think of Jersey Shore and lead me to thinking about how nice it would be to slap them all silly.

    Don't know why, but they make me lose my mind.

  21. As someone who has had to come up with a funeral playlist, you are doing someone a great service by coming up with your own.

    Still cracking up from "It wasn't with Eddie." You're wonderful.

  22. The video with Bea was adorable - "I want hearing aids so then I can be deaf." How totally cool and awesome is that? Also, as always, hank-you for the patient stories...always love those, funny, serious and anywhere in between.

  23. 1. I was taking a swig of beer when I read the wrong number story.

    Waste of a good mouthful of beer, and I almost choked to death. But holy crap, that was awesome. :)

    2. Your daughter is insanely adorable. It should be illegal to be that cute.

    3. I *love* Mumford & Sons. Love them! That whole album is awesome, and they do a pretty cool cover of Cousins (Vampire Weekend) which I found on the net somewhere as a free download.

    4. I am a neurotic freak who likes to make lists. Betcha guessed that by now, right? :)

  24. Did they finally discover MC Hammer or what? That is very annoying.

    Sounds like Eddie really missed out. I'm glad you were there to comfort Addie in the end.

  25. I'm now going to start using the word legit.
    With the hand motions that go with "2 legit, 2 legit 2 quit"
    Cause that's how you bring back a trend

  26. Talking about your baby daddies at work - not legit. I only discuss mine at home or in da club.

  27. Forget legit, mine......super cute, Ughhhhh

  28. You scared my feelings - how cute is that?! (I'm sure it's legit cute... or something.)

  29. That legit thing is weird.

    I love the idea of little poems for each student--even the creepy one.

    Owen talking to a stranger while wearing a dress? Awesome Sauce.

  30. I LOVE when you post videos of your kids because we get to hear your voice. It's legit awesome. Also: I have a fever.

  31. Bea is so cute, I just want to eat her up.

    Owen, I love that he was in a princess dress. Hayden does that all the time too.

    I am glad your patients had good deaths.

    And I LOVE your taste in music. I decided that I am going to make a play list called Tuplen and put every song you have featured here. It will be awesome.

  32. "You scared my feelings!"

    I'm legit using that one.

    PS: Thanks for visiting me at Amy's place. Nice to "meet" you!

  33. "You scared my feelings" must immediately be made into a t-shirt or at least a bumper sticker.

  34. You scared my feelings! I'm totally using that in normal conversation fro now on.

  35. Never even heard "legit" used that way, but I'm bugged by reading it ONCE. also pondering illegit vomit enough to make me gag. On other topic: Bea is cute enough to inspire preschool longing, surely. But she has the same gleam in her eye as my certain to be a handful as a teenager 6 yr. old daughter. As in "Uh oh; are you gleaming? Don't even try it, sister." Accents slay me too. The Proclaimers might be a cure, but Mumford and Sons'll drive you to distraction. Finally? Kudos on the daytime open window action.

  36. My husband is losing a patient of his- soon- I never know the right things to say to support him- he only sometimes gets turned inside out when this happens- this is one of those times-
    I love this song-

  37. that legit shit is stupid and annoying. i can only imagine how dumb will all look/sound if we are still typing LOL in twenty years. LOL!

    and "you scared my feelings!"?! i love that!

  38. Bea is legit awesome. I've not heard the legit thing but I'm legit using it.

    So many people sick and dying around me right now. Is something going on that I don't know about?

  39. Too legit to quit. Especially Mumford & Sons. MmmHmmm, I'd never quit them.

  40. I am really liking your taste in music :)

  41. Legit? Really?

    Still laughing at Owen and the interpreter. :-)


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