Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer 2012

Remember that summer when all I did was drag the kids to the;


And the pool,

And the pond?

And every time I dragged them to

The beach,

Or the pool,

Or the pond;

They'd be fighting and whining and complaining as I tried to pack all the necessities required for a day at

The beach

Or the pool,

Or the pond.

And somehow I'd manage to remember all the proper snacks and drinks and sunblock and bug spray and sand toys and boogie boards and goggles and masks and books and extra clothes and towels and five hundred other things.

And you'd think the children would sing my praises for such a feat.

They would not. But they would remind of that one forgotten thing and piss and moan about it all day.

You know how exhausting it is to referee Deaf kid and Hearing sister at the;


or the pool,

or the pond?

So. Very. Exhausting.

Which is why this day at the water park made me so damn happy.
Deaf Kids Signing At Water Park.

Remind me to tell you some day about our how our movie theater in town got all sorts of high tech stuff for Deaf folks, thus greatly enhancing Owen's moviegoing experience.
Also remind me to tell you about how badly I didn't want to correct Owen when he talked about his favorite movies;

How about that time, after a typically draining day at

the beach,

or the pool,

or the pond,

when the kids and I were sitting at the dinner table and they thought they'd rename themselves; Owen declared himeself Fart-O, Bea chose Stink-O, and both of them agreed I shall now be known as Wine-O.

Or how about the time the kids met their newest cousin?

Or all the times they got to do,


or this,
or this,

or this,

or this?

They are damn lucky kids.

I was lucky to do this a few times even.

And after a long summer day of frolicking at the beach or the pool or the pond, after hours of bickering and interpreting and intervening, if when we pulled into the driveway and the kids were fighting over who was going to get to the door first before the car had even stopped, wouldn't it have been hysterical if as soon as they slammed the car doors Al backed the car up and took off down the road leaving Bea and Owen crying in the driveway thinking we'd abandoned them?

Of course we would never do such a thing.

What kind of Awesome Parents monsters do you take us for?



  2. It appears that they've won the damn lottery, to me!

    And oh, how I've missed you, sister.

  3. A successful summer! Those lucky kids ;)

  4. HA!!

    I would say that the kids DID win and that you ARE awesome parents!!!!


  5. Wow, Owen and Bea have grown. I thought that blog friends kids don't grow when the moms don't post or when the readers don't click on the blog url and don't read the blog for a stint. When did they grow so big?

  6. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how the kids were doing. Obviously, awesome! :)

  7. Now that is how you have a great summer... especially the leaving the whining kids part. ;)

  8. I drove away from my Owen just the other day. It felt fucking fantastic.

    (PS--I'm moving to Spain in a month).

  9. That is an awesome summer! Especially that part where you got to put your feet up. ;)

  10. Been thinking about you and happy to see that all are well.

    Sounds like it felt like summer to everyone.

    You had some good moments, Tulp.


    (I suspect Bea and Owen think their parents are crazy and say that when you're not around)

  11. taking kids to the beach = hero

    (i didn't manage it even once.)

  12. Awesome pics!! I loved them! Also: Fart-O, Stink-O and Wine-O?? Your kids just made my day! I'm glad the movie theater has so much cool stuff!

  13. Yaaaaay, you're back! No...I won't hold you to it :) Good to see you and the kids - they are getting so big!


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