Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ladies, Hang On To Your Ovaries.



This is Mickey.  I know.  Cutest baby you've ever seen.

Babies don't thrill me too much. But can you stand how fucking cute he is?  Way cuter than either of mine, even the healthy one.  And likely cuter than any of yours.

He's the son of  my friend/neighbor/co-worker/babysitting barterer, Sally.  I get to snuggle this little nugget two nights a week.

Mickey happens to be one very lucky little dude.  At one of his first pediatrician appointments, the doctor didn't like the looks of the dimple at the top of his ass crack.

An MRI showed it to be a little blob of fat on his spinal cord.  He's seven months old, and yesterday had surgery to remove the blob.

It is the easiest procedure the neurosurgeon performs. The appendectomy of neurosurgery.

But if gone undetected, nerves would have grown into the blob and caused damage that could prevent him from ever walking. No blob. No problems.

It so easily could have been missed.

So,  good vibes everyone for a speedy recovery for Mickey.  Talked to Sally this morning everything is just fine.  I hope to be smooshing him again by next week.


A good friend is one who will listen to you go on and on about how hot her husband is.  

Sally is just such a friend. 

When I showed up last Wednesday for my babysitting gig, Sally's fuckhawt husband was lounging on the couch with sleeping Mickey on his chest.

His fuckhawtness is very lucky that my ovaries didn't leap out of my body and attack him.


I was quite disappointed in the perv turnout on last week's 'Gay Porn' post. 

Search terms turned up nothing but the *ahem* straightforward, 'Gay Porn'.

And like a good blogger, I tweeted the post.  And again.  No pervs. 

Just the BuckShotBoys, (link is not safe for work, home, or anywhere else for that matter.) who are now amongst my Twitter followers.


After a couple years of badgering, I reluctantly agreed to participate in Sherri's Fall Swap.

Swap packages were due to be sent out yesterday.  Mine will go out sometime this week.  Maybe.

Last week, I got my package from the dirty hot (Al says he'd throw it in her) MommaKiss.

A HUGE box arrived containing:

Pretzel M&Ms
Pitchfork glowsticks
Giant plastic wine glasses
Turkey hat
Two Viking hats
Pigtail wig
Two adorable little bottles of Pinot Noir.
Maybe some more shit, I don't remember.

As instructed, I provided pictures for MommaKiss' viewing pleasure.  Pictures that I took with my brand new laptop.  Yay me. 

And instead of boring you all with plain old pictures of ugly old me, I played with this doohickey that I found on Empress' blog:

For the crime of (badly) impersonating a mother.

Tulpen's Evil Incorporated.

Edward is definitely Team Tulpen.


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  1. Modern medicine and smart doctors rule. Go Mickey!

    Love your wanted poster. Now I have the Bon Jovi song in my head though - thanks for that.

  2. If the box is gone when you arrive home tonight, I did not sneak in and steal it. Stop looking around for it, it's gone.

    Go to Mickey's Dr. I always think LG's dr is a pain in my arse, but I'd rather she check up down and sideways and come up with nothing than find out next year we f'd something up and should have fixed it a year ago.

    And if Micky is any indicator about his Papa, whew. How the hell do you stand it?

  3. Love those pics. I have sent some peeps your way. You totally crack my ass up.

  4. so lucky for the little man - he is cute! and you get to oogle his daddy!

  5. I've never wanted to be on Team Edward or Jacob, but will gladly join Team Tulpen!
    And that is some cute baby right there. Prayers for smooshing to resume immediately!

  6. I'm off to check my kids' asses...

    Thanks for the heads up!

  7. you and Edward make a really great pair.

  8. a turkey hat! really? me likes this random shit.

  9. Happy you liked the package of love. You're hot.
    Also, hope this babycakes recovers like a champ!!

  10. Mickey is DEFINITELY a cutie. And it's no wonder if his dad is as hawt as you say he is. :)

  11. My youngest had suspicious looking dimples on his butt crack when he was born, too. It turned out to just be a dimple in lots of chub but we were worried for a while. Yeah for Mickey!

    PS Fuckhawt is my new word of the day.

  12. I have never heard of that butt blob thing! So glad that patootie is doing well.

  13. I went to a memorial service the other night and one of the 19 year old grandson's friends was a total ringer for Edward Cullen actor. Thought of you.

    Loved Mickey and he is the cutest and am very happy for him. Your story did make me a bit paranoid though, like what innocuous thing might be lurking in my life that needs to be cut out before it destroys me.

  14. Fuck, the fall swap packages were supposed to go out yesterday?? Sending mine tomorrow. I think.

    My bird had a funny dimple on her butt, too. MRI was normal- no tethered cord. Thinking great thoughts for Mickey and his (no doubt) cute tush!!!

  15. Hoping that Mickey recovers well. What a sweet face.
    Yeah, I missed the swap deadline. Ack.

  16. Please tell me the deadline wasn't yesterday? That isn't right I don't think. It's my swap and I don't even know the deadline. I suck. I'll check on that. I'm not even close to having my package done. Mickey = insanely cute bebe.
    love your picture, are you chugging nyquil?

  17. dude i totally forgot why i came back over here, it was to tell you the swap deadline is Oct. 15th. i ended up reading more of your damn entertaining blog and posting ANOTHER comment and leaving without informing you of the deadline, so here I am, back again. stop being so good, I have shit to get done today.

  18. oh, you know you just had me spit coffee all over the keyboard, right?

    You should've warned me what was coming... I especially love you in the all so import portrait over the conference table.

    Oh, tulpen, ANYONE who knows you is a lucky ONE indeed.

    You make my day and rock my world.

    kisses to little baby for healing. hope you're better soon, sweetchunk.

  19. P.S. what swap? what's a swap?

    Do I need a cool card to do?

    I'm so uncool, I'll just watch from afar...live through you, and all. just like high school...

  20. Can't you superimpose yourself onto pics from the BuckShotBoys website? I'm way too afraid to click on it..

  21. I might or might not steal your package, because it sounds pretty swanky. That little babe is tres cute and I'm def sending good vibes his way. Thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS Day, I like you. I'm now stalking your blog, you lucky dog you.

  22. Oh my gosh, you completely crack me up! "Edward is Team Tulpen." snicker

    Wait, what? I don't have any friends with a hubby that hot. Hawt. Either one.


  23. So glad that sweet baby is going to be fine.

  24. Sending all sorts of good vibes to that smooshy little baby. So adorable!
    And fuckhawt? Needs to make it into Webster's. No doubt.

  25. Totally cute baby!! Hope Mickey recovers swiftly.

    And the picture of Edward distracted me from whatever else I was going to post. :)

  26. I hope little Mickey has a speedy recovery!

  27. I have now found something to entertain me all afternoon. Thanks.

    (I'm at work, they stopped letting me drink.)

  28. so glad they caught that fat blob quickly and fixed it! cripes! i have never heard of such a thing! it is kind of a miracle when anybody is 100% healthy with zero issues! jesus!

  29. I would look great with Edward too!! Hey I figured out my profile thingy...added my e-mail to it:-)


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