Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And The Award For The Vehicle Most Smelling Of Death Goes To...


As a rule, surprises piss me off.

But not this one.


Thank you Everyday Goddess for the award. It was quite unexpected and I humbly accept.


Oh.  And just so you don't think I'm full of shit:

The keychain and statue from that post.


I don't get the obsession with silly bands, but my kids have been sucked in just like millions of others.

Owen is pretty cute about them.  Putting them on.  Taking them off.  Repeatedly.  And quizzing me on what they are.

I do enjoy the fact that Owen sometimes calls them 'Wiggly Bands'.

But the best part is the sign that he's made up for them:

The sign for Silly, duh, followed by a dramatic air guitar - you know,  for BAND.


I've known this for some time.  But did you know that Sherri not only writes a fun blog, makes cute little dudes, but now also gives great header?


Several have asked why I'm not on Twitter.

Well.  I am.  But never tweet.

I discovered how easy it is to tweet from my CrackBerry.  So. If you must know:


I don't imagine I'll last.  I keep calling it Twatter in my head.

And I haven't yet decided if I think it's for pussies. 


I'd been on "vacation" for a few weeks.   

There was that whole trip up north that was anything but relaxing.  Then back home to house, kids, day in day out drudgery that also felt little like vacation.

Saturday night I ditched the family and spent the night at my sister's house.  I planted my ass on her couch, ingested copious amounts of junk food, drank the same in wine,  and watched TWELVE episodes of Weeds.

Popped my Weeds cherry and became an instant whore.

Need to find a way to justify joining NetFlix for sole purpose of satisfying my Weeds fix.



My new girl crush:

How hot is she?


Dear critter who crawled up some one's ass, crawled out, rolled in garbage, crawled into the vent in my car and died, causing my car to reek of critter who has crawled up some one's ass, crawled out, rolled in garbage and died;

Fuck You.


More random, possibly more hot chicks, and hopefully fewer decaying critters at UnMom


  1. While I recognize the attractiveness of MLP, I cannot get on board the girl crush train because she annoyed the living daylights out of me in Riding in Cars With Boys. (I've never watched Weeds though so perhaps that would make me change my mind.)

    I really want Netflix, but my husband El Cheapo prefers Redbox. Sigh.

    We once had a barn cat that loved to climb up into the car engine and snuggle in the warmth of a recently parked car. That barn cat met a bad end when he crawled up into my mother's station wagon engine and began what I'm sure he thought would be a lengthy snooze, but little did he realize Mom had just needed to run inside for something she'd forgotten and then back into the car she went, thus rendering the cat's snooze more of a Big Sleep type situation. There was a horrible noise under the hood and then silence as Mom killed the engine. Well, yeah, she also killed the cat. In front of all of us kids, who were inside the car. Worst of all, apparently enough of the cat got distributed throughout the engine that the worst smell ever would from then on waft through the air vents when it was a really hot day. Dad tried hosing out the engine block, didn't work.

    We eventually sold that car. Also, a rule was instantly enacted wherein anyone getting into a car on the property had to honk the horn for at least a minute before starting the engine. More than a few times, the honking would result in cats jumping out of/off of the car and dashing off to safety. *shudder*

    Ah, memories.

  2. Like that you're on twitter. Now follow me back, wouldja?

    Weeds is my alternate world addiction. New season starts next week. I'd do Nancy in the Botwin. Twice.

    Speaking of popping the cherry, I visited Sherri last night! Good shit, right there.

  3. I sometimes wonder if my parents were just as mystified by my friendship beads and friendship bracelets......but I totally don't get silly bands.

  4. Have you looked on hulu for Weeds episodes? It is free, and they are pretty good about keeping up with the programming. I never watched it, so I don't know if it is on there.

  5. Good lord, I had no idea Mary Louise had such a nice ass! I watched a few seasons of Weeds years ago but somehow stopped and never went back. My bad.
    I don't get twitter. I have an account but I never use it. It feels like a million people shouting at me at once and I get overwhelmed quickly. I honestly don't get the attraction.

  6. Where'd you find the hot chick with the pie? PB's b-day was yesterday and I owe him a present...

    Tweet is for people with self esteem issues. Who the hell needs a 140 character update on what I'm doing. It's between 7 and 5, you morons, I'm at work. What? I'm f-ing working!

  7. I do not tweet. I still can't figure out what it's purpose is. I get enough catch up with facebook.

  8. I've heard that Weeds is a great show, and I think one of hubbys friends even left the first season here, but I've never watched it - maybe I'll have to dig it up and check it out.

    Good luck with the smelly car.

  9. As we say in my house; "I'd do her".
    Twitter is annoying, seriously annoying. It seem like people tweet about things that are everyday life that I don't need to know about. Like I do not want to read that "faketweeternamehere" poured themselves a glass of soda.

  10. Netflix is PREFECT! I love it EVERYDAY. Happy Random-ness! :)

  11. I HATE TWITTER. it just feels like you type something and it thunks out in space. most of it is just blather. why do i have an account?! i guess it is handy sometimes.

    and weeds is such a good show. love it! it is coming back soon! YAY!

  12. I decreed long ago that the past tense of tweet is twat. Then I was done.

  13. Have a Weeds addiction and girl crush on Mary-Louise, too. Oh, I am following your half-assed attempt at the Tweet, too.

  14. I have the same relationship with Twitter. People keep asking me if I Tweet. I've done it exactly 4 times. It just doesn't occur to me.

    Just to make you totally jealous...Mary Louise (I can call her that because...) shot a scene for an upcoming episode of Weeds in my living room about a month ago. My blog about it is somewhere in the recesses of my archives. She was totally nice, REALLY thin, and looked like she may have had a tiny bit of "work" done.(Man, I'm a bitch.)

  15. I STILL think they should put out a shirt that says "There is no "A" in Twitter."

  16. I used to have a statue like that I had gotten for my 11th birthday, which I loved. Unfortunately, when I was in my early 20s something happened to it and it broke. I was gonna superglue the little piece back on, then something else happened to it again which made the statue irrepairable. And then it got lost in the moves (I grew up in foster care and then after that I moved around quite a bit). I miss it. I hope I will get another one someday. It was one of the most beautiful and special thing I had ever owned.

  17. I LURVE twitter--i'll be adding you ASAP.

    MLP? I just want to give her a sandwich. Or six.

  18. Hubby & I are totally hooked on Weeds! We've managed to blow through all 5 seasons in the last 3 weeks. And I'm totally crushing on her too. She's fucking hot.

  19. Following you on Twitter! Your new favorite 4 words! Followed by an exclamation point!

  20. For some MLP movie blast from the past get Boys on the Side from Netflix, awesome soundtrack.

    I want to be part of the Twiterati but not enough to actually do it.

  21. Noticed last night my ex's car smells like ass, I need a critter to help make it even better!
    Sorry yours is the shits.

  22. Oh, I wish you lived here so we could watch weeds together.

    why do I like you so much.

  23. Twitter is just Mean Girls on crack - it feels like the same chicks chatting with all their inside jokes.

    Wow. I think I have some self esteem issues.

    I'm now following you though - I look forward to your 140 words of profoundness - no pressure.

  24. I did know that Sherri is a header QUEEN.

    Dr. J and I are way too into Weeds-I got the last few seasons from the library- I'm pretty sure we've watched a whole season in a weekend before.

  25. I only use Twitter to win things. I might talk to you if you're on there, though.

    Maybe. *shrug*

  26. 1. I came over here to tell you I nominated you for top 50 Mom Blog (no, you aren't just a Mom Blog but you are awesome) over at this place -


    And HOW pissed I was I was only allowed 400 characters to talk about your awesomeness. You should have read the first thing I wrote before I knew that.

    Anyhoo, and now I read you gave me a shout out on here BEFORE you knew I nominated you (cause you know I woulda totally thought you were just being polite if you'd written it after).

    I'm so glad to know you aren't being polite.

    and MLP is cute, but her ass is too skinny for me.

    I'll look you up on Twatter, I only occasionally read my comedian crushes on there. and yes, it is for pussies.

  27. Sherri: Can't decide if I wanna thank you or kick your ass. Will get back to you on that.

    Oh, if only my ass could be described as too skinny.

  28. Love Weeds. The last seasons get a little creepy but still mesmerize. I've loved her since Fried Green Tomatoes.

    I'm not a twatter either. But I will if you will. Maybe.

    Silly Rock Band. Very cute. As always.

  29. thank me. and skinny asses aren't hot.

  30. Even I have silly bands. They are my initials: SMB

    And I thought you might like to know: They also have Naughty bands. Penis shaped. I may or may not have discovered this tidbit from my very own daughter. You'd love her. She says bad words too.

  31. Thank GOD you are tweeting... I will now feel more conected, since I havent felt in touch for a while... miss'n ya... I need to slow down and read.

  32. I am a complete Weeds addict & would totally have a girl crush on Nancy Botwin. Wish it was longer than half hour epoisodes.

    Have you watched Nurse Jackie or United States of Tara? They're two of my other obsessions on TV.

    And my house is loaded with those stupid frackin silly bands! I LOATHE THEM. I find them in the wash, in my shower, on my couch, on the floor...they're everywhere!


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