Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Epic First Is A Late Spin

I haven't done a Spin Cycle post since the old blog.  I had a little something in mind and suggested a topic to Jen with good intentions of getting the post done before we left for vacation. 

Road to Hell and all, that post never got written.

And it isn't going to either.

Because we took our very first family vacation.

5 days + three couples + six kids = squillion bloggable nuggets.

So. I give you, in the wildly popular nugget format, The First Time We Took A Family Vacation.


Happy Birthday Al!

Depart 10:30am.  Olive to kennel.  Kennel closed.


Olive to Grandma's house.

Yay Grandma.

Head north.  Traffic.  Sucks.  Kids. Obnoxious. McDonald's Happy Meals.  Save the day.

Four hours.  Mountains.  Pretty. 

Vacation Home!

Lobsters.  Mussels.  Other crap that the grownups eat while I play with six kids in basement.

Kids bed. 

Wine. Taboo. Hot Tub.


Headache. Coffee.


Goblin in tree.  Big Spider.  Balls.  Kids run.  Stick your head in hole and look cute dammit. 

Who's that?  Owen's Deaf friend from school.  Surprise!  Cool.  Cuteness.

Panda Flume.  Six times.  Owen loves.

Michelle would say:  Having weird off with himself.

Man he's strange.

Six hours.  Enough Storyland.

Dinner.  Restaurant.  Poor waitress.  Big tip.

Home.  Kids bed.

Wine.  Taboo.  Skip hot tub.



Worry.  Can Owen handle water slides?

Walk up hill with Owen carrying huge double tube thingie.  10 times with Mommy, a few more with Daddy.

Owen squealing:  "I like it!!"  Every time.

Wonder how ass will feel next day.

Wonder how many Mommy crotches teenage boy at top of slide looks at every day as there is no dignified way to mount double tube thingie.

Thankful there are no pictures of my ass coming down slide.

No hearing aids at water park.

527 :  The number of times I say the words; "He's Deaf" when someone tries to talk to Owen.

342:   Number of curious stares at road map of scars on Owen's body.

Coax Owen to go on different slide which he has to do alone on small mat.

Coaxing works.  I go first.

Panic attacks:  One,  as I'm halfway down really fast and scary slide while Deaf kid is alone at top with teenage crotch ogling boy.

Deaf kid loves it.  Go again.

Home.  Not for long.

Outdoor organic pizza place.  Yum.

Home again.  Liver takes night off. 


Santa's Village?  Fuck that.

Ditch rest of crew and hit the woods, just the four of us.

Diana's Baths

Beautiful.  Kids love. 

Owen humming theme from Superman as he navigates rocks.


My favorite day.

Home.  Bea tired.  Asleep by 5:30.

Attempt to post picture of waterfall from phone to blog.  Fail.  Fuck it.

Take out.  Thai.  Yum.

Owen missing his friends.  Waiting on porch for their return.

Double 'I Love You' hands.  So sweet.

Thursday:  (Daddies out door early for 8:45 tee time.)  (Golf is a jerk.)

Good morning PMS, I see you've brought your friend migraine with you.  How fucking nice.  So migraine, what would you like to do today?

Migraine on a train.

Fuck me.

Kids bored to tears.

Homesick for Vermont.

Survive train ride.  Don't hurl.

Playground.  Lunch.


Daddies take over.

Other Mommies go shopping.

Me? Nap.

Wake up.  Head better.

What's that orange thing in my lap?

Bea.  Passed out.

Home. Kids bed.

Few drinks.



Pack.  Clean up.

10:00 : out door.

Bea:  "Bye bye Beecation House!!"

Four hour ride.

Kids obnoxious.

Pick up Olive from Grandma's house.

Home little after 2pm.

3pm: Al, Owen, Bea asleep.

Me?  Shower. 

Load pictures and video on computer.  Attempt blog post.  Fail.

5pm: Family awake.



This morning:

First thing out of Owen's mouth?

"What we doin' today?"



  1. PMS and migraines should never be allowed to happen on vacations, especially vacations involving children. *shudder*

    LOVE Taboo! One of my favorite games!! Scene It is great, too.

    This post almost made me miss living in NH. Almost.

    Glad you had a mostly good time (migraine and boring train ride notwithstanding) and well done for braving the water slides - I usually make that Hubby's department, at least for the initial test run.

  2. PMS is a big freaking bully. I had to feed mine some ativan today.

    Would have run all those videos and squealed at the cuteness if only boy weren't in room.

    Glad you had a good time. We are talking about renting house for a week next year up that way. Big enough for visitors or co-conspirators. You in? (When D does his outlet shopping day, he won't make you go) :-D

  3. I love New Hampshire. What a great place for a nice summer vacation! So glad you guys had such a wonderful time! Loving the waterslide stories.
    PS- Have we seen pix of you before? I can't remember. You look all summery and happy! :)

  4. I don't you about you but I say this was about as perfect as vacations come.

  5. I got tired just reading that. Sounds like the vacation we took LAST August...we're still recovering.

  6. I recently did something similar on a double slide, with my VERY light 4 year old in front, who had to be bribed with french fries, only to be filled with panic myself that the uneven weight distribution between us would cause us to sail out of the tube and plunge to our deaths. The french fries were a big relief.

  7. Thanks for sharing your vaca. I love the nugget style and the videos.

    I think there should be a ballad "migraine on train...fuck me." Every verse could be a fuck me place for a migraine.

  8. I could use a vacation rather than nursing my husband during his bout of flu. So glad you had a good time.

  9. Thank you so much for taking me on your vacation with you. I loved the photos and the links! I haven't gone on a vacation since my honeymoon. And before the honeymoon was when Kevin and I got engaged...and before that....was shortly after we met....and there is no before that. So Thank You!

  10. Love the recap...esp the movies. I watched the double I love you hands three times. He rocks. We have lots of weird-offs in this house...we haven't taken our act on the road yet though.

  11. That is the best vacation post I've ever read! Single word sentences rock. Loved this Spin, late? Who the hell cares? You were having a great time! You're linked!

  12. so glad you had a great time. love the shot of Bea sleeping in weird orange bag?

    but I really love

    double I love you hands even better. that made my day.

  13. LOVE THIS!! I felt the frantic pace, and the moment of sweet peace with the double I love you signs.

    You took me with you, sister.

    pssst... nice of you to give the liver a night off.

    Missed ya... gobs.

  14. Just reading all of that made me tired--no idea how you managed it. I'd be sleeping like Bea at the table.

    Thanks for the kind words on my site--warms my heart.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, PMS/headache and all!

  16. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! But the kids look like they had a ton of fun.

    Waterslides and hikes and boys staring at your crotch? Who could ask for more?

  17. Yay vacation and yay rest at home. Sounds like you had a busy and fun time.

  18. well all in all it seems like a pretty good vacation! but it is good to be home, right? and it is nice to just chill and relax after being busy busy busy and on the go during vacation!

    welcome home!

  19. that sounds like alot of fun

    don't you just love it when kids decide to sleep on your lap while you try to eat.

    Oh and r u near the closed beaches? I heard some damn huge sharks are invading your waters up there

  20. robin: once in a great while a photo of me is taken and the resulting image does not turn viewers to stone.

    sherri: bea is wrapped in my orange sweatshirt, not a body bag.

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