Friday, June 1, 2012

He's Always Been A Super Hero. Now He's Got New Powers. #SNRyan

Getting used to life with the FM system around here.

It's crazy. Crazy good.

But strange.

For the past almost nine years, I've been in a constant state of hyper awareness of every little sound around me, and around Owen.

Because his hearing aids amplify EVERYTHING; cars driving by, a fan in the window, the dog barking, Bea's Leapster, the radio in the kitchen, more than one voice speaking.  Any noise in Owen's proximity interferes with his access to spoken language.

When the FM is on, the wearer's voice cuts through all that noise and sends their  words right into his head.

I'm in the process of retraining myself.  I no longer assume that he's missing what I'm saying. My routine of finding him, getting his attention, reminding him to look at my face, speaking and signing as simply as I can to get my point across, and then verifying that he's understood is less necessary.

I'm in the kitchen and he is upstairs in his room.  Supper is ready.

"Owen? Wash your hands and come down for supper ok?"  In a normal speaking voice.

"I hear you!!!  I'm coming!!!"

Holy. Shit.

We're at the craft store.  He's looking at coloring books. Bea and I are a few aisles away.  It's time to leave.

"Owen?  Pick a book.  It's time to go."  As if he were standing right next to me.

"I hear you!  Ok Mom!!"


So. Fucking. Cool.

He's got superhuman hearing.

And he's super happy about it.

But he's still a Deaf kid at heart.  Because when he's done.  He's done.

"Mom?  Time to turn off FM.  I'm all done hearing today."

I fucking LOVE that he chooses to turn off.  To go quiet.

And a little jealous.

How cool would that be?  To turn down the volume on the world?

Would be fucking awesome.

Life can be too damn loud. It makes me cranky.

This morning;  TV on, Owen playing his DS, I'm attempting a conversation with Al, and Bea's little voice never stops.  Do five year olds ever stop talking?  For a second?  No they don't.

Ryan knows.  And he bought me a present.

Good luck getting anything accomplished today ladies, what with thoughts of Ryan practicing tactile sign on you.



Check out Sunday and the gang and see what else Ryan is up to.


  1. I would love the ability to just turn off hearing for the day. Does he have any control over that, or do you have to turn off the transmitter? Because you could seriously have some fun with subliminal suggestion by speaking to him at night.

    1. I am so glad you suggested that, John, cause I was worried I was the only one who got that evil little thought...I wish I could turn on (and off) my son's hearing.

  2. Cool! And I will be thinking of the Gos tactile signing all day now, thanks.

  3. LOVE this. The coolness of the FM system, that he can suddenly hear really well and is thrilled, AND that you love that he likes to turn it off when he's had enough hearing for one day. And of course.. LOVE the tactile singing Gos :)

  4. Oh, crap! I would so love to turn off the world. I think that could save my sanity. My brother in law often turns his aids off when there is too much going on--my sister has a tendency to yell. It always makes us chuckle to see him switching it off.

  5. tactile signs huh? I know what I will be thinking about today :)

  6. Is it wrong that I am jealous that your son can turn off the sound? I want to be able to do that! Sensory deprivation - sign me up!

  7. OMG, Gos, where were you this morning at 5 am when I needed you? And now this? I think I need to go home sick.

    And turning it off? Oh yes please. And damn I love that kid.

  8. I can't tell you how happy your label "fuckhawtness" just made me.
    And I was already pretty damn happy from reading the post.

  9. To go quiet? Yes, please!
    And for the sake of my work day, please refrain from posting Ryan on Friday afternoons. You've shot my afternoon motivation to hell and back.

  10. When I told my big giant burly hubs about the FM gifting he fucking cried. I loved it.

    This is such a cool thing and I agree, it's amazing that when he's done, he's done. He's getting the best of both worlds. And since I believe he will be somebody of great importance in the deaf commnunity one day, it's even more special.

    Y'all have a good weekend.

  11. Well hell, I'm done for the day. And I blame you. :)

  12. I so want to be able to turn off some of my hearing a day or two a week. So freaking awesome that he's able to hear and has the "power" of super hearing! What a guy!

  13. I've just been holding my breath as long as possible under the bath water. A sensory deprivation tank would be soooooo much easier.

  14. Um, heck yeah would it be awesome to turn off the sound once in awhile.

  15. What is this FM thing?? Owen is so cool. And so are you.

    I feel so out of touch with you and what has been going on. Wow, life is crazy with two kids + working. You know though...

  16. I laughed out loud when I read, "I'm all done hearing for today." I feel like that by 4:30 EVERY day.

  17. Well that's just the coolest thing, the FM signal. Wait, no. It's not the coolest thing... Ryan Gosling's sensory thingey, now THAT is the coolest thing. Like, ever.

  18. I would love to shut out noise- i get very cranky when there is too much noise- i would love to kill my neighbors dogs-
    so happy for owen- and you- why is RG so friken hot.

  19. I am seriously starting to like that Ryan guy. :)

  20. This was such an awesome post, I'm so happy for you and Owen! That's so cool he gets to choose! And yeah, I hear you on the noise overload, that sensory tank... Let's just say you sapped the productivity from my day... But I don't mind! ;)


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