Friday, November 12, 2010

Gleek Love

The kids have been driving me batshit lately with the TV.  Not the shows they want to watch, though I would live happily without ever seeing another episode of fucking Wonder Pets, ever again.  No.  It is not the shows driving me mad.  It is the commercials.

Because it is that time of year, and the toy manufacturers want to make sure their products are under every tree in the country next month.

So. Every 4.7 minutes, the kids are told what they will want and what they need and what will make them happy.

And for my kids, this is a reason to argue.

A  Barbie commercial:

Bea:  "I want that!  That's for girls!"

An Iron Man action figure commercial:

Owen:  "I want that!  That's for boys!"

A commercial for that gawd awful Moon Sand, of which there will never EVER be a grain in this house:

Both kids:  "I want that!  That's for girls/boys!!"

Yelling over each other.

Me:  "Toys are for playing.  All kids play.  All toys are for all kids."

How many more weeks of this?

I couldn't handle the fucking Wonder Pets (or was it the fucking Fresh Beat Band?) Tuesday night.  I told the kids it was Mommy's choice for once.  We watched America's Funniest Home Videos.

They liked it.  People falling down?  Always funny.  Baseballs to the groin?  Hilarious.
A groom passing out at the altar?  Classic.

Bea:  "Did you and Daddy get married?"

Me:  Pointing to wedding picture on wall:  "We did."

Bea:  "Why did you get married?"

Me:  "Because we love each other and we wanted everyone to know it."

Bea:  "Who can get married?"

Me:  "A man and a woman...."

Before I finished my sentence, my conscience bitch slapped me, and told me not to lie. Because finishing the sentence there fully felt like a lie.  I couldn't  lie to Bea;

"Or a woman and a woman, or a man and man.  Anyone can love anyone."

And she just giggled;  "Anyone??"


I put the kids to bed by myself as Al had retired early, sick with a cold.  I thought I'd watch Glee alone, thanking the Universe that I actually had a Tuesday off from work and a passed out husband.
He awoke.  And he watched.

Al, having been raised by homophobes, has been a recovering homophobe since we met.  I am very proud at the progress he has made, and now consider him mostly open minded and tolerant.

OK. Fine.  He requested hot pokers for his eyes during the kissing.  He's still a hetero guy.

But he got it.  And loved how it was handled.  Without being sympathetic to the bully, we're reminded that when people do very bad things, sometimes there's a reason. And that everyone is scared. And that everyone is in pain.

And when I told him of my earlier conversation with Bea, he thought I gave her the right answer.

Anyone can love anyone.  How can you argue with that?

And if you think this post is a good place to debate?  You're wrong.

I care not at all about differing opinions on this topic.  I don't want to hear it.  I won't give you the satisfaction of fighting with you.  I'll just delete.

Who's going to argue about love anyway?


  1. I will not argue with you.

    I was so proud of my daughter when I received a call from her kindergarten teacher, telling me that she had overhear my daughter telling a friend that girls could marry girls and boys could marry boys. The teacher was proud too!

    And, for the best in television watching, we record EVERYTHING and now my daughter is trained in how to skip over ads.

  2. Love it. And I love how you pointed out to me that I didn't even flinch at the guys kissing. I was shocked by the plot twist, buy didn't give a second thought to the kiss as gross. Awesome! Especially for someone raised as a conservative Catholic :)


  3. Toy manufacturing CEO's should be forced to watch their own incessant advertising, for HOURS at a time. Dang I hated those commercials when my kids were little.

    A few years back there was a really good documentary about the whole cycle of tempt, desire, & make your parents buy. It explained, in easy to understand terms, how the toys are not as fast, can't really fly, etc. I had my kids watch it with me.

  4. i just erased everything i just wrote. because daughter just sneaked up behind me and said:


  5. Not me. :)

    My son had a baby doll when he was 2 or 3. My homophobic family almost threw Holy Water on me for buying it.

  6. We are pretty lucky. My son wears dresses, lets Isabella put bows in his hair and he demands pink nail polish and make up. Isabella doesn't care for my makeup but Joey demands it. Not too much homophobic vibes around here. But we sure do giggle like a bunch of 12 year olds so I dont know

  7. I'm with you. And how rad were the warblers. they totally saved that insipid katy perry song.

  8. We're all free to tell our kids whatever we want. That's the beauty of parenting!

  9. Peace. Love. Wine.

    Death to commercialism.

  10. I haven't watched this week's Glee yet. My daughter said it was really good. She never mentioned the kiss because I really don't think she thinks that it's a big or different deal. As an interracial family we of course have taught anyone can love anyone.

  11. I don't watch Glee. I know I would love it if I did. Homophobes hate it when you promote the theory that they're all closet gays. Which makes me do it even more.

  12. No cable.

    Yay. No commercials and stupid cartoons.

    Boo. No Glee. Sure liked that clip tho

  13. Anyone? Anyone.


    Other half may have also requested hot pokers, but he also gets it.

    That episode was one of the best. I don't know how they can keep topping themselves.

  14. now that i've recovered from my laughing fit, i'm coming back to say what i was going to say:

    AMEN to anyone can love anyone.

    i love that.

  15. I managed to make it this far without watching a moment of Glee. And now you've ruined that for me. Because Glee is for everyone, isn't it?

    Have you seen some kind of remote control motorcycle riding man that does stunts? I don't really watch TV. My little guy wants that thing. Please tell me what it is and where to find it. Don't make me watch The Wiggles for it.

  16. We don't watch Glee b/c I think Adonis is afraid he'll like it. He does own West Side Story after all.

    Have I mentioned how FUCKING AWESOME you are lately? I love you and your stance and agree 100%. I will draw the line if my daughter decides she needs to marry her kitty. I'm not that crazy about that cat for a son in law.

  17. Just wanted to come back and tell you that I think you're awesome. But not in the good, complimentary way. The other way.

  18. Love happens between all people and things. Some of it we understand and some of it we don't.

    Anybody should be able to love.

    Great post.

  19. You are a great mom because you are so honest!

  20. I love you. And this post. I don't watch Glee, but plan to start soon. Haven't watched the clip either yet b/c was so intent on reading through your whole post.

    My dad is gay. My brother-in-law is gay. One of my daughters insists she wants to marry her/our favorite babysitter (who is a female). I love it. We have only just barely begun to scrape the surface of those conversations w/ them (their 5th bday is next month), but I plan to say the same things. After all, they don't see my dad and his partner as any big deal, or my BIL and his partner for that matter. They are all just part of the family, and people that love them.

    YOu said it, sista.

    Love you, Tulpen. This was 22 kinds of awesomesauce.

  21. Also? I just watched the clip. I know I've been missing out, but damn. That was quite a scene.

    Must add it to Netflix queue.

  22. And that is where it starts, with the young ones, we teach them acceptance. (I try not to use the word tolerance, who wants to be tolerated)

    Knew you were awesome, you just re affirmed it. xox

  23. Because I just can't help myself I had to come over here to comment in the hopes that you'll like my suggestion......Do you think you can post video's of You and Owen doing some basic conversational signing? You could teach us basics in a few different video's.

    You....How are you
    Owen....Fine Thanks and you?
    You......blah blah blah

    I see this elderly man in McDonald's about 3 times a year and I always want to sign something to him. All I know is flipping the bird.

  24. Probably NOT siblings, first cousins- maybe. I know my daughter always asks to marry me but I'm already taken :). Since I have a married gay sister I have to say that the episode was awesome.
    As are you.
    And I actually like the Fresh Beat band and NickJr- no commercials, yeah!

  25. You just can't argue love. Ever. Good answer to Bea. We love the gays in my house. I'm thinking that my Big kid is going to be my gay. Win Win because I'll never have to deal with a daughter in law.

  26. I have outlawed the TV until the 26th. For now the boys will survive on Sesame Street on youtube. Or, gasp, playing with the 1,000 of toys we already have.

    I sort of agree. Everyone can love, but not everyone can marry. And that's a problem. But hopefully that's a war we can win before our kids understand what butt heads some people are. I figure my parents won the race thing before I came along, this is the least I can do for my kids, right?

  27. "And if you think this post is a good place to debate? You're wrong." - HAHAHAHA! Dude, I would never dare cross swords with you, but thankfully am in total agreement on the matter. All you need is love. And hot pokers. Amen.

  28. We are getting rid of cable and the DVR. NO MORE COMMERCIALS! I'm so freakin excited. What the hell I'm going to do with all the extra time I have no idea. I mean, I'll be busy, but how to keep the six year old busy? It's going to be so worth it in the end. And I love the way you handled the question. It's the same thing I'll say when asked.

  29. Even with the DVR and my fast trigger finger to fast forward through the pesky commercials, Princess Nagger ends up finding something she HAS to have because a commercial said so. And I'm with you - there will be NO moon sand in our house EVER.

    I agree - you can't argue about love. ;)

  30. I've never watched Glee (we're more into crime scene stuff here at our house). It's awesome that you explained to your children how anyone can love anyone. I'm still trying find a good way of explainig to my five year old how her aunt can love another woman just as much as I love her daddy. Too bad things get more complicated when it gets into the legal marriage schtick. Luckily we haven't gotten to that point of explaining yet.

    Oh yeah...I hate all that commercial plasticky crap they try to sell you too.

  31. I totally agree about Moon sand and gay marriage. Glee? Eh, never watched it. But for you...I'll try. ;)


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