Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Education Begins, With Synchronicity And Everything.

Bea has been ready for school for the past year.  Crying every morning as Owen got on the bus, insisting she was Deaf and should be allowed to join him.  Not buying that story time at the library was school.

Me, finding the whole normal child thing still a novelty, have been loving her sponge like nature.  Wanting to know everything about everything.  What and where and why and how.  Especially loving stories about Mommy and Daddy.  Stories about our childhoods.

I took her to my old neighborhood.  Showed her the house in which I grew up.  Crept down our little dead end road and told her a little something about each house. About the really old house at the end, one of the oldest in the town, and the nice couple that lived there. And she sopped it up.

And it came time to choose an actual school for her. I could have picked a dozen preschools that are closer to our house, and less costly.  But I am lazy and went with one that my friends and neighbors send their girls.

Being so lazy, I sent in the application so late, I was sure the classes would have been filled.

I was shocked when the call came and I learned that Bea had been given the last spot in the class.

Finally, last week, was her first day of school.  The previous week, we had a "Meet and Greet" with the teachers and staff, learned the routine, handed in forms.

I was chatting with an office worker/teacher aide about Bea.  Telling her how curious she is about my childhood. Something bugged me about this woman, I had to ask her;

"You don't happen to have relatives in MyHomeTown do you?  A couple with your last name lived in the house at the end of my road."

"The 1600's house?  My parents bought that when I was in high school."

She remembered us.  The family with six kids in the big white house at the top of the hill.

We called Bea over and gave her her first dose of Small World.  Bea was not impressed.

The next week, her official first day.  The first day I would be leaving her in the hands of these educators of sponges.  I lingered for a bit, wanting to touch base with her teacher, Ms. C.

Ms. C. also eager to do some touching.

"You won't believe this.  I was talking with Ms. R.  You grew up on the same road as the 1600's house?"

"Yes I did.  Isn't that cool?"

"The big white house, at the top of the hill?"

"Yes, that was ours."

"My mother grew up in that house."

Even as a child, I knew enough to feel lucky to live in such a house. On such a road.

And even though I tried and tried to leave the seat of my childhood, I know how lucky I am that circumstances landed me back here.

And how lucky for Bea, to start her schooling with two women with such a connection to my childhood.

I could have picked any of a dozen schools to be her first.  Her first teacher could have been any old teacher.

Not that I believe I've chosen any path down which I've wandered.  Or that I've chosen the people who have wandered in and out of my life.

I just find myself feeling blessed that the Universe saw fit to place Bea's first bit of education under the wing of a woman with whom she shares such a special thing in common.  A thing they could and did bond over as Bea's eyes grew into saucers, and her mouth shrunk to a little o when Ms. C. told her;

"Your Mommy and MY Mommy grew up in the same house."

She is ready.  Her world is about to get so much bigger. And I'm revelling in how very small it is.


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  1. Great post T.

    I live so far from where I grew up but we have finally settled and I feel pretty special that monkey two has the same teacher monkey one had two years ago-

    So happy Bea finally gets her wish!

  2. Abby asked if I could just sneak her into school this year since she wasn't old enough to start

    that is a pretty cool "it's a small world" story. I grew up in the same town my dad grew up in ya know a town where everyone knows everyone. One thing that sucked everyone knew who my dad was and I wasn't getting away with anything if I didn't watch my step in public.

    I did have the same teacher in high school that my dad had but she was OLD and mean:)

  3. It generally freaks me out how small this world is. that is really amazing that her mom grew up in your house. I mean how often do you even get to talk to people that lived or live in your childhood home? I recently drove by mine and was secretly hoping the owners would be outside so I could talk to them. They weren't and since it wasn't a movie, I didn't knock on the front door.

  4. I love small world connections but I love even more that I will never have to let my kids be raised in the neighborhoods where I grew up. I am lucky to have made a path to get me out of that place. Um, our house didn't look like that, by the way.

  5. I had a professor in college who grew up in that house. The world is so strange and wonderful.

  6. The world is a vast place but I love how small it can be. :)

  7. As I write this, my son is begging me to take him to see Miss Pat, the teacher at his preschool for special needs kids.

    What an amazing coincidence, the connection Bea's teachers have with your old house and street. It's hard not to believe that someone or something is drawing you to these people. Very cool!

  8. I was gonna say that you must have grown up on Mayberry, but I don't think they had houses like that in Mayberry.

  9. GRRR. The comment section keeps kicking me out on blogger!!
    I love this Spin so much and my comment reflected that, but Gah, blogger is bugging me today! Oh, wait this is a cursing site.
    Fuck Blogger. Yeah, that's good.
    You're linked!

  10. Love this post, love synchronicity, love the small world we inhabit!

  11. Our state is big on land but small on people and I'm continually reminded that it's small because I run into people who know me, my mom or my other relatives back in my home town.

  12. What an amazing connection! I love the idea of sharing your childhood that way with your children. We go back home to where I grew up all the time but it has never occurred to me to tell my daughters stories of what it was like when I grew up there.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. What an amazing connection! I love the idea of sharing your childhood that way with your children. We go back home to where I grew up all the time but it has never occurred to me to tell my daughters stories of what it was like when I grew up there.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Things like this make me really sad that we live so far from my hometown. LG and little o would totally go to the same schools I did (because they are the only ones in town). Here in the burbs, though, PB's old stomping grounds don't even exist anymore.

    Very cool for you guys.

  15. That is so awesome and the house you grew up in is amazing. Glad to hear she is in good hands. AND, I can't wait to hear stories about how school is going.

  16. I'm feeling a little bit nostalgic with this one. And I got this goosebumply feeling thinking about how life has moved you around and brought you back. Is that weird? How cool for Bea. And you.Happy weekend, bitchcakes [new fave word]

  17. People who have things to share with and contribute to one another are, I'm sure, naturally drawn to being in the same places. It's so cool one of those places is your daughter's school.

  18. what a trip! and what a small world. it is amazing when this kind of stuff happens!!!!

    have a fab weekend!

  19. You and your sister have the strangest coincidences happen in your lives... That house is so cool - I loved that post.

    And no, that is not my ass. Nor my paddle board. If my husband would break down and buy me a paddle board, perhaps my ass would look like that.

  20. Fun, on so many levels. Oh wait, I think I KNOW that house!
    Just kidding- but it is beautiful and classic. That Bea is adorable!

  21. wow, you are as good at that *synchronicity stuff* as your sister is .... your story made me think of a similar one I experienced concerning my mom & dads place. Great that Owen & Bea are both in school - enjoy.

  22. That. Is. Awesome! What's really nice is that the first milestone of 'school', sending them off into the world as it were, will be a little less nerve-wracking for you with her having teachers that have a connection to your childhood. Very cool!

    Spin: Education

  23. That's really cool. The teacher new just how to put it too.

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