Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fuck You Friday; Ghost Of Fuck You Past.


Fucking Normal Little Prick,

So, I took a chance at the playground today. I didn't stick close to Owen, ready to explain him to you and your fucking pack of normal friends who were playing in the soccer field. I stayed with Bea and watched her Deaf brother from afar.

I saw the whole thing. When you put your hands on Owen's neck I got up and headed over.

When Owen gave you the shove you fucking deserved, I started walking faster.

And when your grubby little fists started flying into Owen's arms and chest, I tore into the fastest hundred yard dash in flip flops in  Mommy history.

I loved the look on your face when I ran right past crying Owen and straight over to you.

You didn't "Do anything", you whined. Well then, who the fuck is crying?

But he "pushed" you.

Yes he did ass hole, because you had your HANDS ON HIS NECK.

Fuck you for scaring my kid.

Fuck you for making me feel bad for my kid.

Fuck you for making me cry, because just for a little bit, you made me wish my kid was normal. And I don't wish he was normal. I just wish normal kids weren't fucking ignorant douchebags.

I really hope that your Mommy is the spanking sort. Because when you repeat that very bad word you learned from me, she's gonna whoop your fucking ass.


  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    MARRY ME, Please?

  2. Little shit bags grow up to be big shit bags!

    And if he is putting his hands on another little man's neck and then giving sass back to you...his mom isn't the spanking sort and you gave him the most discipline he'll get.

    He will wind up in the big house with Joran van der Sloot for a boyfriend one day!

  3. Whew. And I thought I was brave for sternly and loudly scolding someone else's 6 year old child for running around/doing backflips/spraying babies (including the two kids I was with) in the face with water at the local water fountains/play area.

    I have felt the urge to say some strong words to many people. Never was quite brave enough to do so (to their face anyway). Bravo, bravo.

  4. just trying to comment, here, not trying to be difficult, thanks a lot +&%$#!@$! blogger.


    I remember that post well. and you so rock my world, lady.

  5. I was perfectly ready to hate that video, dammit. Now my Robert Downey dreams will have a Journey soundtrack.

    Also, other people's kids suck sometimes. Where are the parents of these little fuckheads when they're going around throttling innocent children?

  6. And my kids think I'M a rabid dog... :)

    bad word bad ass

  7. you may add this story to the list of reasons I like you so much :)

  8. Ok, I just have to know what in the world could have pissed you off about that episode of Glee? I thought it was fabulous.

    It has occurred to me that maybe I need to watch the video. I'll do that and see if I can figure it out. If not, please tell me what you are so upset about.

  9. Nope, don't get it.

    Its just fabulous!

  10. You are a super mom. Ugh. people like that SUCK.

  11. Yeah, kids can be fucking douche bag pricks. Hoping you scared the bejesus out of that one. Maybe he will think twice next time.

    Loved the Glee/ Journey vid. I've got handfuls of Journey stories/ memories. Like how their first album came out the summer I first visited Hawaii. I was here with my little sis and we bought tickets to see Journey at UH, outside arena. In preparation, we listened to the album EVERY DAY when we got back from the beach.

    There's another story about the party we went to after the concert with the Journey roadie guys....

  12. let me just tell you I really hate those prick kids. Wyatt has been told on more than one occasion if some shit head kid puts his hands on him he has every right to punch them square in the nose with zero consequences from us. Just the other day he did an outstanding big brother job and I am SO mad I missed it, hubby saw it go down though:) some brat at the ballpark had shoved Abby, Wyatt stepped in grabbed the boy and pined his arms behind his back:)

  13. oh yea and BTW love that Glee video awesome songs. I really gotta start watching that show!

  14. It's always healthy to ressurect a little rage now and then.

    Especially to a fucking kid bully fuck.

  15. I nearly kicked a kid at Little Gym who committed a little baby on baby violence against my wee Hannahkins. And it had nothing to do with differences - she was just a little turd and I wanted to hit her for hitting my girl. I'll probably end up in jail if I every see something like what you saw, because I am certain I won't stop at words. I hope I can, but I am not sure of it.

    And, did I mention lately how much I love you?

  16. I just found your blog today through Pseudonymous High School Teacher and I am SO glad I did.

    I kinda think I love you... is that bad? LOL All I can say is I WISH I had your cajones! Way to go girl!

  17. This totally deserved an "i'm wasted with my bestie comment" - alas - we didn't even come near the computer.

    That said, I Stand and Applaud you for telling the little asshole what he deserved to hear. Asshole kids turn into asshole adults. And if their own parents aren't saying anything, I sure as fuck am. Assholes.

  18. I still like that post. Bravo, again.

    (But not for the Glee spoiler. I'm behind, ok?)

  19. It was funny back then and it's funny now. You are fucking awesome.

  20. Just found your blog...bravo! I just accosted a little prick at the pool yesterday who was incessantly splashing my autistic daughter. I felt a little bit like a psycho, but not anymore! Thanks for empowering me!

  21. There's just no end to your awesomeness, is there? :)


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