Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fonzie's Got An Army Of Clones.

Sherri of The Claw fame and new header awesomeness has tagged me for a meme. I haven't done a meme in a good long time.

I love me some Sherri, so I'm playing along and answering her eight questions.

1. best news you've heard in a while?

The FDA has recently added a bottle of Pinot Grigio per day to the recommend daily allowance. And since I'm such a health nut, I must comply.

2. first concert you ever saw?

Crap. Can't remember. The not remembering a direct result of the dozens of Grateful Dead and Phish shows I attended and all the extracurricular activities that those shows entail.

But. I think my first live show may have been the Newport Folk Festival with my sister. 1989 Maybe? Luka Bloom and The Indigo Girls performed and we had a fantastic time.

3. who was your teenybopper crush?

Johnny Depp circa 21 Jumpstreet.

Also my late 30's crush.


4. favorite new blogs you'd recommend?

New? Ummmm.

Crap again.

Drollgirl cracks my shit up.

I do look forward to her Hot or Not posts.

5. would you be interested in a bloggy pal meetup, and if so where do you suggest?

Ok. How drunk can I get? 'Cause me and a bunch of people I don't 'know' sounds like notsomuch fun.

A bloggy meet up with only the people over there on my blogroll I think I could handle.

And yes, I'll be drunk.

And I suggest my back yard as a venue, as I'm too lazy to travel.

6. total eclipse of the heart - crank up or change the station?

Crank that shit up!!

I'll be laughing my ass off, as I'll be picturing this while I'm listening:

7. currently reading?



This is really embarrassing.


I'll only answer if I get answers to one of my eight questions.


8. karaoke - yes or no?

Only if I've consumed my recommended daily allowance of Pinot Grigio.


I'm tagging:

The Mad Woman Behind The Blog



Mrs. Bear

The Empress

Dani G



Please know, I don't give a shit it you actually participate. However. If you do want to play, here are your eight questions:

1: Desert island time: What kind of chips do you bring?

2: Speaking of chips. Double dip: Yes or No? Come on, nobody is watching.

3: You can only have ONE; your computer or your TV?

4: Cheesecake: Proof that God exists and wants you to be happy, and fat. Yes or no?

5: Farts are always funny. Yes or no?

The answer is yes.

6: Got kids? Watch Disney or Nick? What's your favorite? Don't got kids? You're watching way better TV than I am. You suck.

7: Glee?

8: Really embarassing guilty pleasure. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. And mine is pretty embarassing.

Again, I don't care if anyone plays along.

Either way,

Please do yourself a favor and watch those videos. I'm on my third pair of panties from laughing so fucking hard.


  1. thank you for playing along. is a bottle of chardonnay good in the RDA now, too? Cause I'm good if so. your number six was the correct answer.

  2. The Australian Government is interested in the FDA data. Please provide details along with the findings of health benefits from the consumption of Vodka.

  3. I'm laughing so hard at Mullet with Headlights. Best Total Eclipse version ever.

    And because I'm caught up on my Reader (booya), here are my answers.

    1. Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips are coming with on the desert island.
    2. No double dipping in a public setting. At home? Of course.
    3. My computer because I can also watch TV on it.
    4. Yes God wants me to have cheesecake, bathed in ethereal light and wearing a muumuu.
    5. Farts are always funny.
    6. Nick. Always.
    7. No Glee, for no particular reason.
    8. I dig me some VH1 reality TV smut. I'm not discerning either. My Antonio. Rock of Love Bus. Yeah, trash TV and a package of Chips Ahoy! I'm there.

    How is it that Johnny Depp just keeps getting prettier? Sigh.

  4. Holy hell, I just lost my shit at the Total Eclipse video!!! I'll never hear it without thining of that clip now!!
    And as for the tagging business... ah, stay tuned, I'll get to it.

  5. Waaah! I'm so kerplumfoxed over this. I WANT to do it, but yours is so awesome I'm going to look like your stupid little shit sister TRYING to be as funny as big sis on this...

    Oh, I'll do it.

    Monday is baby e., so on Tuesday. But, I can't top this. I just can' know that, right????

  6. Broke-a-blood-vessel-fart...oh my.

  7. OMFG that video is hilarious and a bit disturbing all at the same time. those flying, glowing eyed choir boys are just messed up.

  8. bah! love this!

    and thank you for linking to me!

    and now TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART is stuck in my head. of course i know all of the words. LOL.

  9. I did it! Probably totally fucked it up, but I did it!

    Wanna see?

    Fuck, now I really have to get up and unload the dishes...

  10. Now I really want to know what you're reading. Yes, farts are always funny.

  11. I stopped by from SITS. I'm staying because you are a mom who swears, drinks and doesn't constantly say OMGILOVEJESUS in your blog.

    The literal Total Eclipse video is the funniest has me in hysterics.

  12. I'm sick as a fucking dog, but I'm totally gonna do this.

    Wait a minute. Did you answer the book reading question? I'm high on pain meds, and am too lazy to go back and look.

  13. Shit girlfriend! I so coulda used this yesterday.

    Oh, um, you did post this yesterday. Well color me stupid. I'll get right on it!

    And I totally do NOT get your blog title...maybe I just need to drink more!

  14. Anything from the 'tos food group would be my favorite!

    ..that would be Chee, Fri, Dori or Pota.

    those videos from Family guy made me cry out loud!

  15. I am so playing that fart video for my 3 1/2 year old niece. LOL


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