Friday, April 13, 2012

Gay Best Friend Special Needs Ryan

This morning, Owen and I are headed into Children's hospital for a Cardiology check up.  His medical history demands a periodical EKG and Echo cardiogram. 

So.  Off we go.

We love going there.  For me, it is going back to our first home as a family.  We'll visit the ICU in hopes some of the nurses who cared for him are still there. We'll check in with the floor where he spent his last six weeks.

I'll buy him a treat in the gift shop. We'll have lunch in the cafeteria.

I'll think back to the 101 days we spent there after he was born.

Al had gone to work after two weeks, needing to feel useful in a helpless situation.

So, aside from the odd visitor, I sat all day every day; alone.

Crossword puzzle books piled up around me.  Skanky magazines too.  I chatted with the nurses.  And other parents sometimes. 

I looked forward to meal times.  And pumping breast milk.  Anything to fill the hours.

You know what I really wanted during those long lonely days? What I pined away for?


A gay best friend.

Somebody to jab with my elbow as a hot young surgeon walked by.

Somebody to snicker with about the trailor trash parents.

Somebody with whom to snark about the bitchy receptionist.

Somebody to make fun of me while I attached my pathetic boobies to the ridiculous industrial strength pumping contraption.

Thank goodness Ryan is free tomorrow.  And is such a fine actor.

He's agreed to play the role of Gay Statler to my Waldorf.

We're going to have so much fun.

I cheated this week and didn't use Sunday's Ryan photo.  When I saw this one it just screamed gay Ryan.

Go see what the rest of the gang is doing with Ryan.


  1. Even though I love your gay Ryan, I must purge him from my mind so I can wallow in the hotness of him. LOL!

  2. Gay Ryan is still Hawt!!! And yeah, if I knew you back then, I'd have loved to sit around and oggle the residents with you. Some of those scrubs are sooo thin, talk about a free show.....

  3. I just laughed so hard I think I snorted coffee out of my nose... maybe Gay Ryan should hook up with Jew "ish" Ryan... Hope the visit goes well. Your post reminded me of my littlest one, who had open heart surgery at 3 weeks old. She was born with 3 Congenital Heart Defects and we spent long days & nights at the doctor's office and in the hospital. And every year we visit the cardiologist and I reflect back on how sick my baby girl was, and what a strong and spunky kid she is today. BTW can Gay Ryan go shopping with me sometime?

  4. In my mind he is totally the Charlotte of Sex & the City's GBF type of gay best friend. "I saw Lady Gaga at Starbucks and I DIED, I just DIED. She just looked so fierce!"

    Ok, yeah, I totally miss having a gay best friend too. That should be a posting category on Craigslist. ;D

  5. Here's to a great check up and some young hot residents to chat about with Ryan :)

  6. You're awesome -- I think I've said it before.

    And I have a gay best friend -- don't know what I'd do without him.

    And I'm impressed that you go back to the scene of those early days with love and interest. I can't abide hospitals, feel near-PTSD every time I enter one.

  7. I no longer have a gay best friend and it makes me sad.

    I do have Tom and Lorenzo ( and they are currently filling my gay void. Their humor is snarkalicious.

  8. You know what? All these women who tweet "I'm just a girl, who stand before a boy, saying like me.."

    should wake up and realize what they're asking for is a gay Ryan.


  9. I am going to try to use DAYAM at least ten times today.

    It's good to have goals.

  10. hey! i am no gay ryan, but i think i could fit the bill for your needs! lol

  11. This one is fabulous! I especially loved the 'dayum'! :)

  12. Hahaha, I love it! I think he makes an excellent gay friend.

  13. I think this is beyond an acceptable alternative . . . I actually think I'd pay to be a fly on the wall with you & a gbff if there were hot men in attendance.

  14. Can a grown woman have an imaginary gay best friend? Surely not as much fun, but it's something. HAHA and a "things that make you go hmmm" to the suggestion of a Craigslist category.

  15. We've discussed before, he's too scrawny for my liking......

  16. Gay Ryan might now be my favorite, too.

  17. It's been such a shitty week...I just knew I could count on you!
    And this guy Ryan? He's starting to grow on me. :)

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