Saturday, April 7, 2012

Deaf Kid Party Re-cap and Special Needs Ryan

So. I was in for quite the surprise last week when I met with the Deaf kid mommies.

I was not prepared for a group of snarky, foul mouthed bitches, who cannot imagine depriving their Deaf kids ASL, and who LOVE Owen's school.

Seriously.  Was so much fucking fun. 

They needed very little guidance from me.  They knew what their kids need and how to get it.  They all expressed feeling very lucky that this school exists and that their kids get to attend.

I was able to tell them one thing they didn't know;  that the kids all go to weekly (and more often if needed) counseling with a Deaf mentor whose purpose is to teach the kids how to be Deaf in a Hearing world.

I showed them this that Owen had brought home;

Which they loved.  As do I.


Owen's birthday party was Saturday.

It was madness, but pizza making, pinata bashing, cake eating, general merry making, all went off without a hitch.

 Pinata being smashed with Thor's Hammer.  Of course.

Friend Katie signed 'Happy Birthday' song per my request.  She's awesome.

He's like the least expressive kid ever right?


Deaf kids talking/signing around table while eating.

Deaf kid Billy says/signs to Deaf kid Ricky;

"What she say?"

Deaf kid Ricky looks pissed, signs/says/snaps back;

"I don't know! I'm Deaf!"

Billy's mom and I thought this was hysterical.


Apparently Bea felt out of place amongst all of Owen's Deaf friends.

So, she grabbed a pair of Owen's old ear molds and popped them in her ears.

And showed off her hearing aids to all the kids.

And the next day, she wouldn't leave the house without her hearing aids.

So damn cute.


Owen went through a phase of wanting pink and purple ear molds.  With sparkles.  I may have allowed it if Al hadn't threatened divorce.

I know Ryan would still be fuckhawt, even if he were to sport some sparkly ear molds.

 I didn't manage to get this up yesterday.  Go see what Sunday and the gang did with Ryan.


  1. LOVE the joy on Owen's face.

    And, yeah: I hear you. I HEAR YOU. When I was doing my clinical at University for Speech/Audiology, I remember the impeccably dressed moms that looked like they were going to tear my eyeballs out when I strongly, adamantly, BEGGEd them to consider signing.

    Their minds were made up before our consultation/testing: no kid of theirs was ever going to sign.

    Hey, they couldn't even bring themselves to say the word deaf.

  2. LOL well I have purple glittery earmolds and it's so cute.

  3. You've outdone yourself with the profanity today, and I'm thinking it's perfect. Happy Birthday to your dear one --

  4. So glad his party went well. And that you met some cool bitches. They're the best kind.
    Totally off topic but you'll appreciate this: Im at work today and was just watching TV with my 87 year old client. Wedding Planner is on and she busted out with "Isn't that J-Lo?" Not Jennifer Lopez, she actually said J-Lo. I cracked up!

  5. We're rewatching that movie tonight. You should watch too.

    Penny and I will visit next week to hang out.


  6. Oh this was awesome! RG really made me laugh this week! The birthday party looks amazing and lil Bea sounds so cute wanting to fit in with her older brothers gang!!

    Also, Thor hammer? For a pinata? *Thank you*

  7. This is such a great post! I love how the kid said, "I don't know! I'm deaf!" So funny!

    Sounds like you have a great deaf moms group, too! That's great!

  8. What an awesome birthday party!! Love the look on his face.

  9. The story around the table totally cracked me up too! Also, your poster fucking rocks!

  10. The joy on that kids face make my heart sing!

    Love that the moms were cool azz bitches. Love that you didnt have to knock heads together to make the obvious, well, obvious.

    hello ryan, i love him bloody.


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