Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inspiring Obsession

Last week, Annabelle gave me this:

She said nice things about me and I told her I would consider accepting the award.

Thank you Annabelle!

So there. I've accepted it.

Now for the rules.

Thank the the blogger who gave it to you and link them.  Done.

Post up some of your work that you think is inspirational AND link 10 other bloggers you believe to be of inspiration. Yeah. That's not going to happen.

Forward the award or notification of to those bloggers. See Above.

I don't have time for that shit.

I've been busy.

But maybe a little inspired.


Since Al was not inspired to get me a gift or even a fucking card for my birthday, I was forced to take matters into my own hands.

Or feet rather.

How fucking cute are they?

I'm obsessed with these sandals.


Though it was cold and drizzly, I took my adorably shod feet to the playground with a deaf kid group. Not only his Deaf peeps who all sign, but with the mainstreamed Hearing Impaired kids from town.

Owen refused to play baseball. He did a crafty thing.

And Simon Says? With kids who can't hear shit? That's just wrong.

After the party, everyone went to a Mexican place where a portion of the sales would go to the group. There was a huge turnout. More of his Deaf friends showed up.


Watching the Hearing Impaired kids sitting with their families, enjoying a nice meal in a quiet well behaved manner. Very normal.

Watching Owen and his peeps tackle hug each other in greeting and run around the place raising all sorts of Hell.

Fuck yeah.


I recently saw Get Him To The Greek.

There is clearly something wrong with me as I spent some quality time I'm not telling how long but it was a really long time trolling images of Russell Brand.

He's so wrong, and funny, and wrong, and smart, and wrong, and sleazy, and wrong, and perverted, and wrong, he's just, well wrong.

And I must be too as he's inspired some not right thoughts in my head.


Owen's Spiderman camcorder he got for his birthday shit the bed before he could even use it. So we returned it. Owen being the very smart boy that he is, realized that he'd just break its replacement and opted for choosing a new toy instead.

Up and down the aisles we went, Owen growing anxious as he couldn't make up his mind.

Until he spotted it. And he hugely smiled. And jumped up and down and asked; "Please please please can I get it?"

How could I refuse?

The Woody toy has been a source of endless amusement for Owen and any adult with a sense of humor.

"Owen. Either watch TV or play with your Woody.  You can't do both."

"Mom?  Where should I put my Woody?"

"MOM!!  Owen hit me with his Woody!!"

"I'm gonna show ALL my friends my Woody."

And many many more. 

I hope his obsession with this thing lasts a good long time.


While not staring at my feet, drooling over dirty Brits, and giggling like an 8 year old at Woody jokes, I've been feeding my latest musical obsession.

And beards.  Mmmmmm.  Beards



  1. Congratulations on your award!

    More so, I LOVE your feet!! ;o)

    I don't know what I like the most... those painted nails or the sandals!!!

    Re: Owen and the Woody!! I agree with you on all accounts!!!


  2. Have I told you how much I love your blog and that I wish you lived on my street and we could hang out? Is that weird?

  3. See you really do inspire me...where am I RIGHT NOW reading this? In the pedi chair.


  4. While not staring at my feet, drooling over dirty Brits, and giggling like an 8 year old at Woody jokes, I've been feeding my latest musical obsession.

    And beards. Mmmmmm. Beards

    Everything you say could be made into the coolest T shirt.

    Ahhhh, Tulpen.

  5. Haha! Yep, the beards are something, huh? Do you know Iron & Wine? Sam Beam has a mighty fine beard, too. And he can sing me "Love and Some Verses" or "Naked as we Came" any time.

    PS - Love that your son has discovered the joy of playing with his Woody. :)

  6. i have a thing for scrawny, somewhat filthy dudes too. As my obsession with Johnny Knoxville will tell you.

    Add a foul-mouth with a British accent?


  7. I hope those cds worked out well. Let me know if you need more...

    And the sandals are super cute. xo

  8. You tell Owen to play with his Woody.


  9. No kidless birthday?!?

    Boo hiss

    Cute shoes tho


  10. I agree with The really should do some t-shirts. Fucking brilliant.

    Russell Brand...YUMMERS!!!!

    The Woody jokes are priceless. Priceless!

    I lurv you. Big time.

  11. My son's Woody looks just like Owen's! Since he is only 1, he just pulls on it, stuffs it in the toy box. . .you know, baby stuff.

  12. Of COURSE you got an award, silly! Because you are all spectacular like that. ANd I'm in love with those sandals. Danskos rock---I do not yet own any, but those are super cute and look comfy for summer. I'm glad you treated yourself for your birthday! and Belated Happy Birthday!!


    love the woody jokes, too. we love Toy Story!

  13. You are right in obsessing over Russell Brand. He's incredibly intelligent but sounds like he's crazy at the same time.


    I can't wait for my daughter to choose a ridiculously named toy that I can make fun of.

  14. It is true, you are an inspiration. You've inspired quite a bit of laughter in the Mad house this morning.
    Maddy asked me why I was laughing and I told he my silly friend was showing me pictures of silly boys. She of course wanted to Russell Brand.
    Thank you.
    And Woody, LOVE.
    Deaf kids raising hell: BIG LOVE!
    And your feet ain't bad either.

  15. I'm a little disappointed you didn't give me the award just to piss me off; I have clearly not trained you well enough.


  16. Simon Says for Deaf Kids was obviously a plot by the Hearing Impaired Kids to sweep the game. What's next, Marco Polo or Blind Man's Bluff? I love that the Deaf Kids were running amuck, and no one could tell them to stop yelling, while the Hearing Impaired kids sat bored and docile with their parents. Deaf Kids rule! Oh the Woody Jokes!! Disney created a masterpiece of humor in naming that cowboy. I giggle at every single one of them. Best one I have heard while babysitting was "HELP! The baby is chewing on my Woody!!".

  17. I love how much you love the Avett Brothers. And I'm glad you can relate when I say I want to touch their pieces. All of them. At the same times.

  18. As someone who spends his entire time at church making inappropriate tweets about his organ, know that the Woddy comments have me chuckling like the inner 12 year old that I am.

    I don't have the mancrush on Russell Brand that I have on others. I think it's that I simply equate him with his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But, I really need to see Get Him to the Greek.

  19. Ok I didn't even look at the sandals. I was all like: wow color polish is that?? her toes look really nice...LOL

    The sandals ARE cute and Russell is weird. Even his name is wrong.

  20. You know someone at PIXAR has a sense of humor and was fully aware of the snickering that Woody would stir up.

    But now I want to switch it up and talk about Russell Brand.

    (Like "Julie, either watch TV or play with your Russell Brand. You can't do both." Or "Where should I put my Russell Brand?")

    I think it could catch on. Alert the guys at PIXAR.

  21. The Avett brother are pretty great.

    I am the exact opposite when it comes to hair, though. I want my men clean-shaven and I definitely have no interest in a man with long hair. Nope, nope, nope.

    Is that Russel Brand guy married to Katy Perry? Or am I making that up?

  22. I have those same shoes in black! LOVE.

  23. I saw dirty and wrong Russell on The View (I know, I'm not proud I watch that trash) but OMG, swoon. Give me a funny man, with an accent to boot, and I'm a goner.

    Was one of those not right thoughts in your head a threesome with Katy?

    Me either.

  24. lol. What a perfect toy to have.

    Happy belated birthday, and I'm so glad you got yourself pretty feet and sandals. Yayy!

  25. Russel Brand . . .yeah. It's like I WANT to look away, but I can't. So I look some more. A LOT more. Also? Owen has good taste. :)

  26. i can't believe awards are still circling in blog land. i guess i shouldn't be surprised as people are still doing those supremely annoying blog posts of "what is in their handbag". WHO FUCKING CARES!?!?!

    sorry! someone is grouchy today!

    and the woody jokes never get old. and get this: my grandpa's name was woody (short for woodrow). poor guy!


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