Monday, April 18, 2011

If 38 Is All I'm Given

I'd have been;

1. A daughter

2. A sister

3. A friend

4. A mother

5. A nurse

6. A nomad

I'd have lived;

7. In a big house

8. A one room cabin in the woods

9. A farm

10.  A van

11. Canada

I'd have travelled;

12. Hither

13. Thither

14. Across this country

15. And back again

16. Twice

I'd have dipped my toes;

17. In the Atlantic

18. Pacific

19. The Baltic Sea

I'd have stood;

20. Alone

21. In a crowd

22. On the Eiffel Tower

I'd have jumped;

23. Out of a plane

24. At sunset

I'd have landed;

25. In a pasture

I'd have spoken;

26 In anger

27. In love

28. With my hands

I'd have witnessed;

29. Birth gone wrong

30. Death gone right

31. Miracles

I'd have lost;

32. Everything

I'd have gained

33. More than I'd lost

I'd have learned;

34. To keep learning

35. To be more

36. By doing less

37. To be quiet

38. To listen


  1. beautiful post...happy birthday!

  2. what a great tribute to youself- you didn't add blogger and you are so too that.

  3. Very groovy post. This is awesome.

  4. Really really great! Especially 17 thru 19 and 29 thru 33. Love those the most.

  5. Oooh, this post sent shivers down my spine! I likey!

  6. Gorgeous post. Happy Birthday! (although, um, I kinda misread Hither as Hitler and was like, she traveled with HITLER? I really need to learn how to read one of these days).

  7. Happy Birthday.

    If I had the means, I would totallt gift you one of the Avett Brothers. Rawr.

  8. You have definitely had a full life thus far. Happy birthday.

  9. Love, love, love this. You have truly lived.
    Happy Birthday! We're close in age; my 38th is next month.

  10. Happy Birthday! (And my 38th is next month, too. Weird...)

    I love your #11, btw. You make it sound so exotic...haha!

  11. Happy Birthday Lovely.

    This may be one of my favs. I hope you have 38 more, at the very least.

  12. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend. I am so glad that I have gotten to know you.

  13. Happy happy. xoxo

  14. Great post! You truly have enjoyed your life to it's fullest. I envy you, wish I could do such things in my life before I happen to reach 40 or so. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more years of fun and great experiences in life to come. Cheers!

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  15. Happy birthday, baby!!

    You are fucking awesome. So awesome.

    And, yes, I'll take just one of those beards, please!!

  16. Happy Birthday. Nice to recap the years that way.

  17. Happy birthday, Tulpen!

    Didn't know you had skydived . . . that's incredibly high on my list. And I'd love to know about living in a single-room cabin in the woods. A very real part of me thinks that would be heaven.

  18. Great Post

    and Happy Birthday
    you are a Rock Star

    that is all

  19. I love everything about this post.

    Cheers to beard-burying!

    (That doesn't sound quite right, but happy day to you anyway.)

  20. ABSOLUTELY to the core.

    True, and real, and raw.

    If you sang, you would be Fergie.

  21. This was a great post, but a part of me is just really thrilled that you are a few months older than I am. Even with all of your wisdom and life experience I thought you were younger from thew few pictures I've seen. If that sounds like a backhanded birthday compliment, I didn't mean it that way. I adore you up, down, and sideways.

  22. Happiest belated my friend!! Consider it an early wish for next year ;)

    You forgot teacher, because I have learned to be a better person thanks to your words. I guess that would make you a writer, too.

    You're going to stop visiting me, aren't you?

  23. What a fabulous list. Happy 38 to you.

  24. You're awesome.

    Happy belated birthday!

  25. Happy happy birthday! And many (many) more.

  26. Hither and Thither. You've lived. Happy Belated to you!

  27. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your birthday cuz it was my little sweetie's due date. Now I will forever hold a grudge that she was one day late and couldn't share her bday with you. Plus I really like even numbers. The 19th? Blech.

  28. Not a big beard fan...but awesome post! :)
    Happy happy happy birthday!

  29. Sure it's your face you wanna bury?

    Very crass very belated very very happy birthday.

    So glad you're here

    So glad I know you

    So many xo's

  30. OK. So that was NOT my 9 yr old making oral s@x jokes

    I am now appropriately signed in


  31. Happy Birthday. I love this.

    I'm still working on the be quiet business. But, at 36 I have learned that hair can grow out of my nose. Not the nostril part. The actual nose.

    I love getting old.


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