Monday, February 7, 2011

Small Moments Monday

It started with Empress (she totally gets around if you haven't noticed).

She pointed Nichole in my direction, and Nichole asked if I'd write a post for her Small Moments Mondays.

I agreed, then didn't write anything.

I didn't forget.  I just didn't know what to say.

Then, as Owen and I started taking ASL class together, a post started brewing in my head.  I let it stew until it was ready, and when I began to let it out, I remembered Nichole, and knew where it was supposed to go.

And it is up at her place today.

Thanks Nichole. For lending me your space for the day, and for saying nice things about me.

See?   I didn't even scold her for saying nice things.

Baby steps people.

Now. Go read.  And comment.



  1. The page is loading as I type!

    This might take awhile. My computer is archaic.

  2. And I do so love a good scolding. Sigh. Missed opportunities.

  3. I can't thank you enough for sharing your words with me...and for not scolding me! ;)

  4. ah... you balance the profane and the sacred perfectly. what a gift. thank you for sharing it.

  5. Amazing.




  6. I posted on your guest post, but I also wanted to post here. You have given Owen a gift. Truly.

    I don't believe I have ever told you about my SIL--she is deaf. My MIL had rubella when she was pregnant, and as a result, my SIL was affected with various health issues in her life: deafness, congenital heart disease, small size, and diabetes are the ones that are known. My SIL was never encouraged by my in laws to learn ASL or to embrace that she was different. Even as a child my SIL didn't want to be different, so my in-laws just gave up. They let her quit ASL, they took her out of the school for the deaf she was enrolled in, and they let her mainstream in public school. My SIL reads lips only, and she is a bitter, angry person; most of this is a result of her deafness. My husband and I talk often about how her life could be so different if only her parents had encouraged her more to be part of the deaf community. Anyway, I could go on and on for pages, but I just wanted to say again that YES. You made the right choice and have given Owen a gift.

  7. don't tell me what to do.

    but i will go read and comment. :)

  8. As I have said, and so many others here on this blog...and the nearly 60 comments on your post on the other blog are a WONDERFUL mother. You are an inspiration. You are a blessing and most definitely an encouragement.

    Owen is lucky to have you. And so are we...even if only through your blogs.

  9. Carry on my wayward Mom. There'll be peace when you are done....

    Wonderful job. Because of you Owen will be just fine and make his way thru life with flying colors. You dont need to hear to see the colors!

  10. That post was beautiful and now I am in love... I am so glad that Erin sent me over to read it!

  11. No. I don't think I will.

    Okay. Fine.....

  12. I cried. Seriously. Beautiful. I have tried to express these exact sentiments so many times when talking to people who don't understand why you wouldn't want to "help" a deaf child be as hearing as possible. Now I just want to send them to this post.

    You are the bestest mommy to your Deaf son EVER!

  13. When it comes to you and Owen and the resulting posts: I can't even talk.

    I wish you could see into my heart.

    And I"m not trying to seduce you, either.

    (well, maybe...)

  14. Stumbling over from ITSMoments.

    Staying, because who doesn't want to know an elephant from Djibouti? (booty gets me every time)

  15. Found you today. Read and now commenting. You are superb! No one could doubt your choice of school for your son. How amazing his talent to sign. How amazing his mom for recognizing where he will flourish. I'm not leaving your blog. You'll have to kick my ass out! I'll be here reading from now on.

  16. Came back here to tell you that I am now all choked up from your guest post. So yeah, thanks for that! :)
    Beautiful, as always.

  17. That was a lovely moment to share. Really. Made my day.

    I will refrain from making any comments implying the niceness of your character.

  18. you're fucking awesome.


    there's that.

  19. I have a feeling I'm in for some good shit over there.

    I'm going.

    And your mother is not a whore. Technically, you have to have 7 kids as a non Catholic to be considered a whore. Jim got it wrong.

  20. Wonderful post!Not much more I can say with all of your compliments here and there. Ditto?
    Definitely one of your best.

  21. Each time i wade into your blog - which i try to treat myself to on saturdays - i know you'll steer me all over the place on the emotionometer.

    I'm not a mushy sensitive person, and I don't cry at sad movies. Your posts, however, meander me into all sorts of emotions, often laughing and then a paragraph later you send me into complete goosebumpville.

    In this post I'm so touched and almost tearful by your description of the moment of your realization of having done the right thing for your son. You're good at reading the signs. (ASL and those from the universe) Thanks for sharing them with us.


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