Friday, November 5, 2010

Interviewed By The Claw

The funnest (most fun?  funnest is funner) part of this blogging hobby, is getting to know people I otherwise would never have met.

Like the way cool, former bass player turned graphic designer turned Mommy to two sweet little boys turned header creator turned interviewer extraordinaire;  Sherri of The Claw fame.

Sherri pulled my name from her cute little pink hat (though I suspect my name was on every piece of paper as she was just dying to interview me), and awarded me the privilege of being her second interviewee.

It is a good thing that Vinnie (of the cute and bald variety), the technician from Hell, was able to come over yesterday and replace the keyboard on my laptop.  Because a wonky 'N' key and that bottle of wine I downed would have combined to give Sherri a very difficult proofread.

Thank you Sherri, it was all sorts of fun answering your questions, and much to my relief, when I gave my answers a sober read, I wasn't all sorts of embarrassed.


Go read it.


  1. Bass player?
    *perks up*

    There is nothing wrong with a bass playing Momma at all.. ;o)

    Turn that Mother UP!!!

    (bass playing Dad)

  2. Just read the interview. What a great post! And I think you should seriously consider writing that book. I can draw a mean set of stick figures for the illustrations.

    Just sayin.

  3. thanks so much - you give great interview. ;0)

  4. Going over there now! Can't wait!

  5. aw, your name isn't really tulpen....?;) well, can i still call you that?

    fab interview!

  6. The inteview button takes me to the Header site- good thing I don't give up easily.

  7. Read. Fanned. Faved. Adored!

  8. Wow, a chick with my same name, spelling it the same way, and she's smart enough to have found you AND interviewed you? This is too good...on my way over.

    I should have found you sooner, really.

  9. It was cool to put faces to the names and learn a little about the woman behind the words. Nice! :)

    Oh, and I will also buy the book. Guess you have to write it now, there seem to be a lot of preorders already... ;)

  10. Loved the interview. Love the interviewee even more.
    Now I'm off to check out some head!

  11. Beautiful.

    You're a great lady, Lady.

  12. I hate it when that "N" key goes out. Okay, off to read it. Sir, yes sir!

  13. I love your blog

    Seriously brings smiles to my facceee and i love YOU for that

    hope to hear from you~

  14. That was quite enlightening and I like you more for having read it!

  15. I didn't know Sherri used to play bass...

  16. I read it, and I LOVED it.

    esp. the part about the woman who loses her voice and it doesn't matter cuz no one listens to her anyway, so why tell them when it comes back.

    I truly loved it.

    So many cool moms out

  17. I love your blog and read every entry! They make me laugh, and sometimes cry. I have commented a couple of times. I also have a right-sided CDH survivor. Miss Dakota's R-CDH was detected by ultrasound at 29 weeks. Her heart actually had been moved over, which is what the OB saw. Everything looked perfect at 20 weeks, and most doctors would not have done another ultrasound at 29 weeks, but my OB liked to play with her ultrasound machine and do one every time. That is the only reason it was caught. Plus she was old and had scene it twice before in her life (not right-sided but CDH). My OB referred me to a supposed specialist OB, who saw nothing wrong! That's how hard it is to catch RCDH! I didn't believe the specialist because from what I could tell from research online, if they think it's CDH, then it is. So I went up to see the true specialists 5 hours from my home at UF. They finally confirmed the diagnosis at 31 weeks. I made all kinds of great plans, just to have Dakota come at 32 weeks and 5 days at the wrong hospital! She also had to be med flighted and put on ECMO. So anyways, sorry for rambling! Thank you for writing! It always helps me to read about someone who has gone through at least some similar things and made it through the other side!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH Survivor

  18. It's always good to do a sober check.

    Though I'm usually sober when I post yet, somehow, mysteriously, I still end up all sorts of embarrassed when I reread my posts.

  19. I tried to comment here AND at The Claw's this weekend. And this morning. Fuckin phone was being a total asshole.


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