Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This One Time? With Glee Club? I Looked Wicked Hot In A Bikini.



Because I was part of the cool crowd in junior high, and I could carry a tune, I tried out and made it into the Honors Chorus.

Yep.  I was that cool.

And then, when I got to high school?  Every freshman had to join either the band or the Glee Club.  It was really called Glee Club.

And because I was still wicked cool, I went and tried out for the A Capella Choir.  Even though only 16 students were allowed in, and no freshmen ever made it.

Well.  I made it. 

Oh.  My high school was All Girls, and they needed someone to sing the really low parts, the parts usually sung by males.

Oh yeah.  I sing like a dude.


I loved that damn choir.  Our director was a very young, super smart lady, who had a nice blend of classical and eclectic taste.

We sang  Ave Maria  in more languages than you can shake a linguist at.  She even had a composer friend write one just for us.

We sang a children's nursery rhyme, in Serbian.

We sang a Maria Walks Amid The Thorns that would make you weep.  And a Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy that would make you, well, boogie.

We sang at every church service (stop laughing), at every school function and ceremony.

There were many weekends that we would have to go and sing for a service for the nuns.  For those we'd use the school's chapel.

We would sing from the little balcony at the back of the chapel.  The acoustics were amazing.

I loved singing in that damn chapel.


Sometimes I was high.


Around Christmas, our director would take us into Boston to sing on the steps of Faneuil Hall.

We felt like fucking rock stars.

Well, I did anyway.

One time, an apparently homeless man, apparently not of sound mind and possibly partaking of some mind altering substance, stood beside our director and began to mimic her conductor like movements.

She stepped aside and let him take over. 

It was a little bit wrong, but also sweet and really funny.


In the Spring of my junior year, our director entered our Senior Glee Club (not the choir) into a choral competition in Myrtle Beach.

There were probably 30 of us who took the bus ride south for a weekend of  hanging out with other really cool chorus kids from around the country.

We kicked ass.  So much ass that we WON.

Ok. So maybe we were the only All Female chorus that competed, but they gave us a fucking trophy so shut up.


When we weren't practicing or competing, we got to hang out on the beach.

I'm the really skinny really white one laying down.

How cute was I?   Yeah, I knew I was cute. 

And I knew that there was a guy staring at me.  Behind us, sitting on a balcony.  I was 16 and he was probably, oh gawd, too old to be ogling a 16 year old eww ewww ewwwww.

Anyway.  I knew I was being checked out so I thought I'd give the perv a show.  I got up and sauntered toward the water and splashed about a bit.  He was still looking.  Ewwwww.

And then, because, remember how cool I was?  I started splashing all flirty like and decided to give him a real show by running back onto the beach.

After a couple graceful strides, a swing of my hips, a playful toss of my lovely locks, I tripped.

And landed on my face in the sand in a foot of water.

I stood up sputtering sand out of my mouth, wiping it off my eyes, listening to my friends cackle hysterically at my clumsiness...

And realized my bikini top was around my waist.

Skeezy balcony guy was gone.


As long as we're here loving on Glee Club, and the new season of GLEE starts tonight,  some hopes and wishes for this new season:

Kurt gets a boyfriend.

Santana and the Vapid Blond admit they're a couple.

Pretty Asian Dancer Guy gets more screen time, and a girlfriend, or boyfriend, any kind of action is fine with me.

So pretty.

The long awaited deflowering of Emma Pillsbury;

By Puck.

It would also be nice if they moved the show to Wednesdays as I work every Tuesday evening.

Also?  If you don't watch it, or if your soul is a lonely black pit of despair and you don't like it, at least watch this:

(ETA For those who require explanation of video choice:  I have a DEAF kid.  It is Deaf Awareness Week. Sheesh.)

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  1. Well look at this sexy bitch! OMGOMGOMG, I so was all of those singing groups available.

    Oh how I miss those days....and singing at Faneuil Hall, AT CHRISTMAS?!?!?! I would have peed my little white panties. So jealous.

    Now I'm going to have to find that arrangement for She Walks in Beauty that haunts me.

    And then I'm going to go set the DVR. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Don't watch Glee- have no idea what it's about.

    That is the whitest body ever.

    Shut up they gave us a trophy!


    Aaaa Hahah


    S0 do you think he went back to his room to rub one out?

  3. Funny, I HATE that song on Glee! I mean, I love the show, but I cannot stand to listen to that song, definitely not watch the scene.


    Because it is so damn condescending. It's like, the Deaf school start singing/signing, and our Glee club looks at each other and thinks, "Damn, you guys really CAN'T do this. You suck." which turns into "Don't worry, we'll help you uninvited! Because I'm sure you weren't proud of what you were doing on your own, you need this group of hearing kids to come in and make you acceptable!"

    Maybe I'm too jaded. But I hate it.

    Making fun of the Deaf (or any group) intentionally is fine. The whole thing with the director of the Deaf school was amusing. But trying to be sweet and really being condescending and paternalistic is what gets me upset.

  4. You was WHITE HOT, girlfriend.

    I last sang in the church choir at about age 12, before I got high, and before I somehow started to suck so badly that now I couldn't carry a tune if it had a handle. Not that it stops me when I'm at home, but you know what? If I could be a singer songwriter, I totally would. But I suck so I can't.

  5. I'm glad you clarified you're the whitey laying down, because the other one is kinda pale as well ;)

    Love me some a capella. I'd have paid to see you sing in Fanieul Hall!

    Glee. Tonight. Gleeked (i said it)

  6. I loved singing up at Faneuil Hall at Christmas...and going to competitions, and everything about singing in high school. Plus, we had boys at my school.

    You look a little Cullen-ish in that beach shot... I think if you zoom in on that photo, you're sparkly.


  7. Puck for the deflowering!!! Yes, Yes!!!

    Love Glee - Miss 3 and I dance around like demented ferrets whenever it's on!!

    You were so cool and hawt in your 'kini! And at least you got to appreciate your bad self at the time, I only realise how cute I was in hindsight.. :(

  8. I have this weird feeling that since everyone is talking about Glee, I'm gonna have to start watching it. Sigh.

  9. I love that you were in choir in school.

    So was I.

    I love that you flashed a guy after you tripped.

    So did I.

    And I love that you love Glee.

    So do I.


  10. Of all the Glee singing scenes, that's the one you picked? Is it your fave or just the first one you saw?

  11. Myrtle Beach - the setting for much of my teen debauchery. Good times.

    GLEE ---- love it!

  12. i'm in agreement on glee!! and you were very cool. way cooler than i could ever hope to be. :)

  13. Glee. That's all you needed to write.
    I hope pretty dancing Asian dude gets more time too. He is HAWT.
    We didn't have a Glee Club in high school until one of my friends, who was pretty and popular, decided to make HERSELF the Glee Club, which basically meant a show of one. People went to her shows too..

  14. Another Gleek here, though I have missed a lot. Here's the funny thing. I am almost deaf, and I don't read sign, but that video was beautiful to me nonetheless. I wish more shows took the time to advocate deaf awareness.

  15. Cassie did you NOT get it? she even explained it even though I thought everyone would understand and there was no explanation needed! SHEESH

    anyways look at your hot pale self:) and the fact you fell while trying to look hot hilarious!

    Seriously all these clips you have shown of Glee may make me just have top start watching it

  16. What a relief....Glee makes me giggle.

    I needed a little more Sue Sylvester to enjoy. And who doesn't need more songs set to Glee-tune?!

    Who knew you could write well and sing like a man...sweet! Yet another reason I dig you.

  17. Have you read some of the spoilers for Glee? Um, I won't ruin it for you but you might just be getting a lot of what you wished for!
    PS- SO jealous that you can sing. It's the one talent I really wish I had,

  18. I look at photos of myself from high school, and I sometimes think it's too bad I didn't know just how hot I was :) Thanks for stopping by my blog for my SITS Day!

  19. Don't hate me but I've never seen Glee! Totally sexy laying there on the beach!

    Happy RTT!

  20. Holy Hottness!! I've never ever looked good in a bikini, so F you! I mean that in the nicest way possible.
    OH AND I big puffy heart GLEE!!!!!

  21. 1. you are the ONLY person who could make me watch glee. I just watched that whole damn thing. and liked it. and found out that I told M. the wrong sign for "too" tonight at bed. I wish your son was here to school us, I do the best I can with what I remember from taking sign language in high school, but I have a crappy memory.

    that was one.

    2. you in a bikini = hotty hawtness

    3. how did you know I shook linquists?

  22. Ok.


    I had that exact strapless bikini zebra ensemble.

    No lie.

  23. That video clip gives me chicken skin and a swollen heart ever single time. OK. 3 times is every single time, but still.

    And, thank-you very much for the Cullenish girl goes Bay Watch goes flat on her face and then some. That giggle will get me through a long work day, which I should be getting ready for already.

  24. how bout those abs on pretty asian dancer guy. good lord.

  25. I've seen this clip from Glee before (obviously, haha) but oh my LORD it brought tears to my eyes!!
    p.s. I'm super jealous that you were in choir. I wish I could sing without people running away :(

  26. Not that I'm doubting your trophy or anything, but I think I speak for all when I ask - will you vlog us a good song?

    Preferably something from Sha Na Na?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Sorry, I hit it twice.

    Still blinded by my fluorescents reflecting back off of that sexy white skin.

  29. you can sing? you lucky thing!

    and i love the conductor story! fan-farking-tastic!!!

  30. I don't see how anyone could watch that clip of Glee and still have a dry eye.

  31. a. I went to an all girl school too! 48 in my class... how many in yours?
    b. we did NOT have a glee club. Sorry, we were way too cool for that. still are.
    c. on that note, I watch glee... or at least dvr it. and yeah, love it. husband too although he won't admit it.
    d. ummmm. that's it. maybe a little xoxo
    e. xoxo

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