Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom. Celebrated.

I haven't seen actual fireworks since before Owen was born.

I miss the big loud pretty lights in the sky.

Seven years ago, exactly one week before he'd gain his freedom from the hospital, we were still getting used to looking at Owen's tube-free face.

Since nursing homes are a 24/7/365 business, holidays off are not freely given.

I am bound to my 3-11 shift this 4th of July.

Fridays however, I'm always free. So this past Friday, after Al spent two hours trapped in holiday traffic, he hopped right into my car so we could have a nice family dinner at his favorite pizza place.

As we got off the exit I wondered aloud;

"What are we thinking?   We're never going to get a parking spot on the waterfront two days before the 4th. We'll be stuck in the car looking for a space forever."

We scored a spot a two minute walk from the restaurant.

As we approached the most popular Italian joint on the waterfront, on a perfect Friday evening kicking off a holiday weekend,  we both worried that there would be a wait.

We scored the last table.  Within minutes of being seated, there was a line out the door.

The four of us devoured two large pizzas.  The newly g-tube free Owen ate at least 4 slices.

I was thankful my belly wasn't being held hostage by the waistband of pants; my flowy dress allowed for much needed gut expansion.

Al thought we could give a walk on the jetty a try.

The jetty is about a half mile long, the rocks providing just enough challenge for the kids to feel like they were on a real adventure

Owen was nervous at first, grasping my hand tightly, but became more sure footed with each step.

Bea commented frequently on the writing on the rocks.  Many have used their freedom of expression to decorate the rocks with the f-bomb, c-bomb, n-bomb, d-bomb...

Bea thought maybe we could come back another day and wash the rocks; free them of their bad words.

Some graffiti should get to stay.

Bea with her hero.

And me with mine.

My thoughts were free to travel a great distance to far away  friends.

Gotta locate my copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

A group of lovely latinas joined us on the rocks.  One of them stumbled and dropped her expensive looking camera. It landed between the rocks, way down near the water.

I held my breath and bit my knuckle and wished her Buena Suerte as she lay down and stretched and reached down the rocks to free her camera.  She got it.  And it still worked.

And we made it all the way to the end.

And Owen exclaimed;

"We Won!!!"

He really did.

And we made our way back.

And there were pretty lights in the sky.


  1. have fun with your geezer peeps:) we don't have huge plans just going to the FIL's house to let the kiddos swim in their pool I will not be joining them, me & bathing suit around lots of peeps not my idea of fun.

    I just got my long comfy dress from ON it isn't the exact one because it was sold out. but it is comfy and long and very forgiving when I am at the beach in a few days gorging myself on yummy seafood!

  2. Lovely story.

    We took our then-Miss 2 or a walk along a massive pier during our last holiday trip to Melbourne so we could be sure she would crahs when we got back to the room, giving us some Mummy-Daddy time. When we finally got back to the boardwalk, she fell to her knees and explained "We MADE it!!!! Thank goodness!!!"

    Little drama queen.

  3. Great post and Never Stop Believin!
    Happy Fourth- my monkey's bday is on O's comin home day- lucky seven eleven-

  4. Love the pics! Sounds like a great night, much better than watching some store bought chemicals in cardboard explode.

  5. Gorgeous pics- nice to see you! Sounds like serendipity doo da time- Happy 4th!

  6. Love that photo of G-boy winning at the end. I did not get enough quality time w/ you guys last week.

    Have a quiet night tonight. We are going to in-laws in NH (w/ pool). It should be semi-ok.

  7. Damn. The whole thing sounds perfect. I'm smiling from ear to ear.

    I LOVE that last pict of your Hero


  8. Awesome. Beautiful. I haven't seen fireworks since my daughter was born either. She is now 6. Who needs 'em?

  9. I love the picture of you with your hero.
    Nothing like being out on the water. Headed that way myself today...

  10. I love the Hero picture of you and Owen. I love the blog, I'm glad I can read you still!


  11. Gorgeous post, gorgeous pics, gorgeous family. Hope the rest of the weekend is just as great.

  12. Oh, and I love the Richard Bach books too!

  13. Love it! And Mama Mia's? LOL

  14. that was AWESOME. you won!!! HAPPY 4th!

  15. Wow, WOW, what a beautiful post. Love your neighborhood!

  16. Sounds like a great day.

    My grandfather lives in Plymouth, and I remember walking and playing on the jetty a few times as a kid.

  17. I love how your pics told the story. Beautiful and I'm so jealous! Since Mad loves the beach, I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get the chance to go soon.

    I'm happiest when my feet are in a body of water, other than my tub.

  18. A lovely post - but that picture of your little guy and his tube-free face is enough to make me squee. What a cutie.

  19. My, what a lovely baby your Owen was! Nice evening, for all of you. And now you must pay for putting Journey in my head before bed. Not fair. . . unless it's this: "Highway run, into he midnight sun . . ."

  20. What a beautiful holiday! :)

  21. it still amazes me to look at my tube-free 2-year-old. and even if it is a bummer that you didnt get to watch the fireworks with your kids, i'm sure you are very much in their thought :)

    from SITS :)

  22. He would be my hero, too. Beautiful evening.

  23. Nature's fireworks are always prettier anyway :) Glad you had a great substitute holiday!

  24. amazing family date!! Gotta love when shit works out, eh?

  25. Nice to see you and Bea's hero in pictures...

    Rye Harbor??

  26. I can't believe I missed this post. What a beautiful day and I loved the photos, and (of course you know me - the ocean). Sounds like everything was in perfect timing.

    Love the shot of you in your pretty blue dress too.

    And thank-you for the linky love.


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