Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You take the dog, I'm keeping the plates and the phone.



Dear cat or raccoon or whatever critter that left bits o' mouse on my lawn which my horrid dog then went and gobbled up,

I did NOT enjoy cleaning said mouse bits off of my living room rug after they'd been gacked up by said horrid dog.

Nor did I enjoy picking up the severed mouse head up by its whiskers and disposing of it for you.

I am becoming increasingly UNFOND of living (and dead) things.


At the ripe old age of 37, I've never had a full set of matching plates. Seriously.

I'd always been happy enough with my mish mash of mismatched plates and bowls.

Until I saw a lovely service for twelve at a yard sale this weekend. All dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls accounted for. Yay me!!

As I carried them in the house, Al turned his nose up at them;


"Yes. Really. They're pretty. Shut up."

Turns out, they're worth far more than the $7 I paid for them. Which made Al like them a little better.


I'm keeping them dammit.

And Raina, Sweetie, would you please tell me when Granny Chic becomes all the rage, so I'll know when to consider myself hip.

K? Thanks.


Can I tell you how much I LOVE my new phone?

I haven't had this much fun with a gadget since I got my... nevermind.

Its an adorable little teeny computer that fits in my pocket and lets me read and comment on blogs, check my email, and dick around in general.

I think the only thing it can't do is get me off.

Wait a sec.

There's probably and app for that.


I never liked the Home Alone movies.

Until I watched one with Owen and Bea this weekend.

Their eyes were bugged out of their heads as that little brat tortured those bad guys.

Owen launched himself on the floor repeatedly mimicking the bad guys getting throttled. I think the kid has a penchant for slapstick.

Bea sat with her hands over her grinning mouth, gasping in shock at each stunt the kid pulled off.

They both cheered when the bad guys were finally defeated once and for all.

That's some good clean violence there. Can't wait to watch it again with them.


More random and fewer severed mouse heads at UnMom


  1. I, too, have a much greater respect for Home Alone now that my boys get such a kick out of it!

  2. Very cute plates.

    And thanks for the movie tip - may try that one on my kids sometime.

  3. Oooh, I'm wanting that phone.

    Cute dishes. That's on my summer list too - new freaking dishes. (Because the ones I have? Yep, from my marriage) (ick).

  4. Bea's expression is priceless. I think you may have a decorator on your hands.

    Or maybe she was just really hungry. ;)

    P.S. Thanks for the link love, Toots!

  5. I LOVE those dishes- good find! It was most definitely a cat that left the mousy remains- mine used to leave them on the rug personally- yechhhhh!

  6. We were just talking about how the monkeys would probably like HA- I'm going to order it-
    every woman should have a dish set-
    my phone is the fourth best thing that has ever happened to me- I love it.

  7. Love the plates. And if you find an App for that, I will be upgrading my phone! lol

  8. Great deal on the dishes. I don't like dead chewed up things and would never be able to clean that mess up.

  9. Congrats on the plates! That is exciting. :)

    And Home Alone is funny...the first one anyway. Which one did you watch?

  10. Crackberry? I hope to get me one of those this summer.

    Very happy for you and your pretty dishes. I had all mismatched for forever, then Pier One had a sale and I got all white dishes a few years ago. They were $1 a piece...

  11. Ugh, I would have just left the remains, and avoided the yard for a few months. Yuck.

    Stopping by from Random Tuesday Thoughts

  12. good "clean" violence. HAHAHA!
    True, though...seeing some movies thru kid's eyes - totally worth the MacCauley Caulkin torture.

  13. $7! Are you kidding? You could turn around and eBay them for a nice profit.

    Sorry. Don't tell Al that - keep 'em!

    That phone, oh that phone. Way cool. Does it have a bottle opener on it?

  14. For every ounce of cute that little boy was in his movies, he sure made up for it in.....ewwoohh in his older years.....He still isn't all that cute.

  15. Great post! I'm becoming increasingly unfond of my dog :(

  16. I kinda like those dishes. Great find.

  17. A little slapstick never hurt anyone. My kids love the Home Alone movies and they're not awful or Spongebob, so I am okay with watching them repeatedly, usually around Christmastime.

    The plates are fancy tho. $7 for the complete set, I'm impressed. Our mismatched version consists of Target clearance items and some decades old Corningware half of which has been smashed to bits at one point or another.

  18. the plates are 'in'...it's called shabby chic and there are stores where you can buy said $7 plates for gobs of cash so you can get new carpet from your dog gacking mouse heads all over it.


  19. great find on the dishes. did no one buy you any when you got married? that is what we have the ones we registered for, a couple have been broken or chipped but that is it.

    oh and the kids loved Home Alone

  20. ew!!!! the mouse thing! how revolting!

    and you DO deserve a set of matching dishes. old lady chic is coming around....the older you get, the more chic it is. :)

  21. I want a cool phone! I have a Blackberry but it is so limited. Besides, work provides it for me and that means I have to answer all the stupid phone calls.

    I hate my phone.

    Love those dishes!

  22. my girls love those movies too.

    Dearest... will you please send me this Master of the Universe you speak of?

  23. Home Alone and the Jingle Bell Rock scene are classics! Classics! I could live without the sequels.

  24. Dude, those are the ugliest plates ever. They're almost chic.

    And the iphone has a vibrator app. Just sayin'.

  25. I believe it's called an ijack app.

  26. What do you mean you've never liked Home Alone movies! I'm not sure we can still be friends. Oh wait......now you've reversed your decision and come over to the bright side? OK, we're still thick as thieves.


  27. I'm wondering if Owen and Bea are going to try a few of those stunts on you and your hubby? LOL


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