Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wildlife: Childlike And Otherwise.



Bea loves bugs. Caterpillars and "itching worms" are her favorite.

She also likes slugs. They're fun to poke with a stick and they leave a really neato slime trail behind them.

Few of these creatures survive her curiosity.


Friend DarcC is Momma to a couple ponies and a horse that she boards only a short drive away. One of her ponies had a baby and DarcC was kind enough to invite the kids down for a visit and possibly name the wee beast.

The thing was so dang cute.

Cuteness only rivaled by Bea and Owen.

The horse, Tag, so sweet, and blind.

Owen, feeling slightly freaked out, sought comfort in comforting Bea, who was far less freaked out.

This smile says it all DarcC.

Thanks for an awesome morning. They'd love to do it again.

Oh, and the pony's name?



While checking out horsies and ponies, I swatted a gigantic mosquito off of Owen's forehead.

He woke up this morning with a large welt over his left eye and the eye pretty swollen.

I e-mailed his teacher to let her know it what happened.

Her response:


well he has a different story for me, he said it was 'cause he and a friend were fooling around.

oh my he's too funny

on another note, he was incredibly sweet today, so sweet he almost had me in tears, it seems a friend was crying and wanted daddy to come get him, so owen decides hes gonna help this friend, so owen goes and takes him by the hand, brings him to the board and shows him the schedule and says see thats all you have to do then daddy will be here, ok....ohhh it was precious!

thanks for letting me know about his eye!

take care


Bird Family : 0

Raccoon : 1

Bird pieces strewn about lawn.

Olive munched some before I had a chance to clean them up.

Birds carry all sorts of nasty diseases right?

Fingers crossed that those diseases transfer to canines.

And that they're fatal.


A friend at work had a dog she hated when her children were little.

One day while the kids were at school, she threw the dog in the car, drove a few towns away, and dropped it off.

When the kids got home she was beside herself with worry that the dog had run away; loaded everyone in the car and hit the road in search of their beloved family pet.

She even cried.

She's a genius.

And my hero.


More random and fewer dead animals at UnMom


  1. The bird thing would put me over the edge.
    Just reading about it puts me over the edge. Ackackackackackackack.

    Children turbo cute. xo

  2. You are killing the dog story! Pony is so cute and so is your kiddos!

  3. Ugh- bird pieces.
    I can't even deal with you dealing with it-
    I can't stand our dog- the only thing that has not
    stopped me from getting rid of him is that I am convinced his barking will save us one day-

  4. I don't know that I'd say Dumping a dog off in the middle of no where was genius? maybe at a shelter but not in the middle of now where, that's just cruel! :(

    That poor Animal. It may not have suited the family but abandon? no. I don't have a dog. ,I have a cat I don't much like and have offered to feed my back yard fox but that's just a bit too cruel even for me.

  5. That baby pony is adorable! But the cuteness of your kids trumps the pony. ;)

    Poor birdies! Bad raccoon! Hubby dropped off an awful dog at the humane society in the past - too bad we can't do that with the neighbors Pit Bull that likes to use our yard as his outhouse.

    Shocking Fence, Cuckoo's Nest, Spring Has Sprung

  6. My dog Midgie has brought dead birds in to the house before...I won't elaborate.

    LOVE the name, can't wait to call him by it! I'll be down on Sunday, hopefully this time we can get them to ride :)

    Bummer about the mosquito bite, but great that he made up a badass story about it.

  7. At least his badass story didn't involve the Mom Swatting. I could see the same thing happening with my kid but then my kid telling her teacher "Mommy hit me in the head" ...

    Then again, the kid did break my nose for Mother's Day, so she would've deserved it, right? ;-)

    I was waiting for the punchline of your genius friend to be "and when they got home again, the dog was sitting there waiting for them."

    Unicornio is perfection! And the cutness of Bea and Owen in that clip is unsurpassed! (Certainly not by my kid today, what with the nasal congestion she keeps snuffling back up into her head in what she thinks is an undetectable manner. In reality, it is loud enough to wake the dead and I cringe every time. Gack. I might even trade that for Olive and her previously enjoyed bird bit barf. Well, then again, maybe not.)

  8. I was waiting for a punchline on the doggy-ran-away story, too. Here's to yours getting the bird flu. Or whatever from the bird bits.

    My kid is always telling the teacher that I hit him. No lie. It's very awkward.

  9. I want to drive to the current location of that pony and smother it with kisses and then sanitize myself because that would probably be gross :)

  10. I remember feeling a stinging and swatted at a fly on my ankle. Woke up the next day with a huge welt on my ankle— all that from a fly??? Go figure.

    Love how you keep score on the animal games going on in your yard. "Go Birds"!!

    Thanks for your randomness,

  11. Unicornio.

    Best pony name EVER.

  12. Oh man. I'm glad I popped over, just your banner had me chuckling! I am grossed out, yet thinking your daughter is awesome,with the slugs and all, and what point do so many women decide these things are creepy & no longer fun to poke & crush???

    *fingers in ears and chanting in earnest*

    I assume you're joking about your friends dog and we'll leave it at that. Poor puppy. She loves you so much. I'll deliver you wine and ativan and make it all better.

    On another note, my dog got encephalitis from something - possibly a rabbit I saw her gnawing on, and she died. Sometimes you just get lucky.

    Unicornio -- too cute. Bea get to name it?

  14. Unicornio?!?!?!? BAHAHAHA!

    and there is never a dull moment in YOUR life! wow!

  15. You had me right up until the woman dumped her dog like it was garbage. That shit's not funny. Not at all.

  16. Few bugs survive my kids as well.

  17. Owen's sweetness to Bea kills me every time. I think I wish I could relive my childhood with him as my older brother and not the a-hole I'm related to.

    The "itching worms" reminded me - today W. says come out in the yard there are lots of marshmallows! he meant mushrooms. hoep that wasn't too cutesy family circus for you.

  18. Sherri; Bea calls them marshmallows too. And Owen can be a total dick don't you worry.

    Hey look! I offended some people with the dog story. Just so you know, I am not that evil and would not dump the damn dog off in the middle of nowhere. I just admire people who are that evil.

    That probably didn't really help.

  19. Wow. Now I'm really in the mood to go eat breakfast. :)

  20. Oh my, I was totally tearing up over sweet, sweet boy video and story, until I got to the bird part of the post.


    Worked even better than a cold bucket of water to the face.

  21. Bea and Owen, yes, absolutely adorable. Probably better than the pony. Cheers!

  22. Our horrible dog "went to live on a farm." I believed that for years.

  23. Every horse is a unicorn. They fart rainbows, didn't you know?

  24. Unicorno! Perfect.

    There is never a dull moment in your life. :)

  25. At least he didn't tell her it was cause you swatted him in the forehead.

    Unicornio, hahhahhahah!


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