Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend. Busy.

Friday morning: short bus claims Owen. Minutes pass. Bestest friend Lil is delivered for play date.

Yay me.

Breakfast. Dolls. Coloring. Dress up time. Lets go to the liquor store!

Store. Fruit. Vegetables. Wine.

Playground? But Bea, you're in your velvet Christmas dress. Really? Ok, fine, what the fuck.

Running around playground.

Lunch with Daddy.

Owen home. Super hero games. More dress up. Supper.


All fun and games til some one's hearing aids get melted into their skull.

No children scorched.

Saturday. Yard sales. Scores:

Tap shoes for Bea,

Books for Owen,

Shirt for Mommy which makes boobs look big,

Yay me.

Lots of other crap.

Bea passes out.

Bea wakes up.


Owen controls tides (and you thought it was the fucking moon).

Bea digs sand.

Sunday. Walmart with Owen. No crying. Kites purchased.

Kites require running.

Mommy runs. In flip flops. A lot.

Kids love. Laughter. A lot.

Home. Lunch.


Ice cream!

Strawberry. Banana split. Peanut butter topping.

Not all on same sundae. That would be nasty.

"Look over there" trick. Perfected.

Playground. With tennis court. Rackets and balls. I said balls.

Mommy and Daddy play. Mommy in flip flops. Kids laughing. Lady on bench laughing. At Mommy.

No ankles broken.


Lil over again. Kids love.


In really big glass bought for Mommy by Daddy.

Daddy knows: way to Mommy's heart is through liver.

Mommy knows: way to Daddy's heart is through rod.

He's fishing you sickos.


  1. I have to say that this sounds like a perfect weekend. Its the weekend, I would have have liked to have if I wasn't stuck at work.

  2. sounds like a great time. i am constantly amazed at how cute (and LOVING) owen and bea are together. so sweet. the look over there trick is an oldie but a goodie. I like your wine glass.

  3. That's a fab wine glass.

    Took A-boy out for ice cream this afternoon. It was perfection.


  4. wait. beach?? where the hell are you? can we be bffs?????

  5. Love the wine glass ~ perfect end to a perfect weekend.

  6. Laughing my ass off through this whole post.

    Christmas dress
    Melted hearing aids
    Shirt that makes boobs look big
    Tide control
    Look over there (Perfect)
    Liver and rod


  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Especially love the tides, bonfire, and wine glass.

  8. I would not turn down strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter on my ice-cream. Sounds like a good time made better by wine, velvet dresses, and kits. :)

  9. I meant got that, right?

  10. Love the Owen controls the tides.....!

  11. Sounds like an awesome and incredible weekend.

    Love the pics and videos.

    Tap shoes?! bwahaha!

  12. "Hey look over there" that is just great.

    LOVE the wine glass it is totally my kind of wine glass including the white that is in it! YUM I need me some wine

    but what is up with the long sleeves hasn't summer reached you guys yet?? it is hot as HELL here already.

  13. Suuuuuure... fishing

    {wink, wink}

  14. Oh, did you make me laugh out loud. Everything is all sweetness and light then we get the megagoblet and the "ahem" fishing rod.

    Hilarious! So good to see you!

  15. Too much fun! Owen is so channeling Moses.

    I'm sure the other rod works, too.

  16. that seriously IS a whole lotta weekend!

    I literally snorted at the short bus comment. that's OK, right, since you said it? And your boob-enhancing shirt, nice work.

    that glass is divine.

  17. sounds like a pretty good weekend, especially the wine part! ahahhahaha

    you folks with kids are so damn busy. my weekend was reading and watching a movie or two. b-o-r-i-n-g!

  18. Where is my long comment I posted yesterday? ;) Just making sure I followed you over here. We had a crazy/busy week/weekend last week starting with a hospitalization for reherniation and surgery and ending with a couple birthday parties for big sister.

  19. You are a very funny lady.

    How'd that Deaf Kid get so sneaky?

    They look darn happy

  20. fishing... yeah right!
    Wine makes me happy to.. when do we really starting worrying about our livers?? Damn this aging!

    I've been giving up on the Diva's clothing choices too... she is in a cowboy boot faze.

  21. AWESOME.


    The videos won't play for me....



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