Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Late To The Party


Saturday morning, early, before I'd been sufficiently caffeinated, Owen runs up to me and taps me on the shoulder;




He clearly has some important revelation to bestow upon me.

"Ummmm.... yeah?"

"When I will take my hearing aids off?  I will be Deaf!!"




Saturday morning, post caffeination, I take the kids to swim lesson.  We're early, and there's an unfamiliar family waiting.

Instructor Lisa arrives and with a gasp and hand over her mouth. I know. She'd double booked the time slot.

Her co-worker Ginny (whom we see every week and always comments on how cute Bea and Owen are; which Al insists is code for "Your husband is hot") happens to have a cancellation at that exact moment.  And because we're just so easy going, agree to give Ginny a try.

How did we not know, in the six months we've been going to the pool, that Ginny knows sign language?

She's awesome and the kids have a great lesson.  But  signing skills aside, Owen is near tears as we leave;

"Can we have Lisa next week?"


So, you know that Owen was tube fed for seven years right?  Well, you do now.

After years of not eating any food at all, then being coaxed into tolerating stuff in his mouth, and add to it the fact that his mother is one of the pickiest eaters on the planet, one would expect him to have some aversions when it comes to food.

One would be wrong.

He'll try anything.

This past weekend?  After a trip to Trader Joe's?  He tried and liked, no, loved;

Mushroom Ravioli. *blech* Three plate's full.
Lobster Ravioli.  *gag*  Ate the whole bag.
Seafood Stew. *barf* Wouldn't share with Daddy.
Shrimp Corn Dogs. *really?* Ate all six.

He also loves Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Beans, Cauliflower...it's not worth going on.

The kid will eat anything.

So. When this came home from school yesterday?  I couldn't think of a better formerly tube fed Deaf kid profession:

"I gonna be a seafood chef."


I'm so pissed at how late I arrived to this party, as the second season is only available online until tomorrow, and I still have two episodes of the first season to go: (ETA! Second Season available on iTunes! $2.99 a pop!  A deal I tell you!!)

Last night at work, I questioned a British resident of mine;  Has she seen the show?  Does she like it?

Does she ever.  We proceeded to have the girliest chat regarding the hotness of Matthew:

Quite hot indeed.

The evilness and hotness, and gayness! of Thomas:

Indeed with the hotness and the gayness.

And *sigh* Lord  Grantham

I daresay quite the sexy beast.

As Al is working late, I'm off to take advantage of the alone time and drink lots of wine whilst I  gobble up those last two episodes.

ETA:  Bates!  Cannot believe I left out this adorable nugget.


  1. Why you are you and why I am me: this post as packed full of interesting things, and lazy ass me would have metered them all out into lame little parcels. You include three awesome Owen anecdotes, three pics of man fodder and the news that you are getting an iPhone and moving to wordpress. That's value, Tulpen.

  2. First line typo alert: IS packed. Not AS packed. (sigh.)

  3. a second vote for Bates! Altho I'm SO glad to hear someone else thinks Thomas is hot (even with the gayness). Thought I was kinda weird.....

    I caved and paid iTunes for both seasons so I can watch again since I started watching when the Christmas episode came on. AND.... does the voice inside your head now talk to you in an ENGLISH accent???? Mine sounds oddly like Lady Mary :)

  4. Better late than never and welcome to wordpress! Yeah! And I am totally jealous about the iphone.....
    oh and, of course, cute kids!

  5. Tulp , tell me the truth. THE TRUTH. Do I need to watch this show? I've heard and read about it everywhere. You know me...will I be hooked? I love to be hooked.

  6. Jeff and I just started watching Downton Abby so what do you mean the second season is only available online until tomorrow (or today)?

    PS I love your random. :-)

  7. It's amazing how much kids dislike change -- even if you can present how the change will be better for them.

    I've once double-booked my services at two weddings. Fortunately, I was able to pawn off one to another (very grateful) organist. That realization really sucked, though.

  8. he didn't want the instructor that could sign?! that is so weird! but oh well, i guess he knows what he wants!

    and i have heard such good things about downtown abbey. of course i have completely missed the boat on this show. d'oh.

  9. I cannot tell you how fricken jealous I am that Owen will eat anything. I'd give anything for my boys to eat a fucking chicken nugget. Aren't all kids supposed to love those things?!

    Also, the swim lesson story was adorable.

  10. I had all this great witty shit to say until you smacked me with Mr. Bates. Oh Mr. Bates!! Please tell me you were able to finish. If not, I've dvr'd the entire 2nd season and it's got the KEEP next to every episode so come on over if you wanna watch! GAH! I TOLD YA!!!

    cute kids, owen's deaf and eats everything, all that yeah. but DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!

  11. So...you're saying I should watch that.

  12. My mom is a recent convert to Downton Abbey. I have never watched it (are you kidding? I have like, 47 things waiting for me on my tivo as it is...) but in my defense, I had no idea there was so much hotness involved! :)

  13. Crap.

    Now I really AM going to have to watch Downtown Abbey and eat seafood stew.

    Or watch Downtown Abbey.

    (Because seafood stew? barf.)

  14. I just heard about Downtown Abbey, too. And I haven't watched ANY of it yet. But I will now, because it's the middle of the damn night and I should be asleep but I love having the house quiet and to myself. So I can do the same shit I do when it's loud and full of angry children.

    Which is write ALL ABOUT MY EFFING self on someones totally fantastic blog I just found. Because I'm like that.

    Sorry I'm a whore. I'm glad your blog is awesome because I need that in my life.

  15. Why does everyone keep talking about this shoe? I'm going to have to break down and watch it!

  16. MMM. Seafood.
    When Owen is a famous chef can we get a discount because we read your blog?
    I like to save a buck.

  17. ok I love seafood but shrimp corn dogs? wtf never heard of those. But tell him I love his plans for the future and he is welcome to cook for me any time he wants!

    Be glad he is a great eater I have the WEIRDEST kids on the planet. They will eat crazy things-Fried green tomatoes-ALL day long, grilled squash and zucchini-oh yea they are all over that, crab legs-he can eat more than me, but put homemade mac & cheese in front of them and they will freak out cause they hate it, they want the cheap powder stuff. Wyatt has NEVER ordered a hamburger off a menu & will order shrimp or chicken. he has never had a bologna, ham or turkey sandwich it's all PB&J for him and don't even think of putting cheese on his stuff unless it's pizza cause we all know that cheese is different :)

  18. hahah- code for your husband is hot- funny.

    We spent over a month in Guatemala and I told my youngest that I was not taking him half way across the world to eat hamburgers- he ate a lot of Hamburgesas con Queso- That's totally different- right?

    I am really late to the party- Supposed to pick up the first season from the library tomorrow or the next day- I'm excited. See if you can get it from the library… waiting list is probably long.


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